Is it possible to buy a property from fisherman hamlet???

  Got a good deal for a small sea facing house with 5-6 coconut trees!!! I’ve some commercial ideas to monitise with the property!!! 

These are some info about the property;

  • Property is located at 20 yards from sea!!
  • It is on a fishermen hamlet!!!
  • The owner has just two government certificates for ownership. There is no agreement on a stamp paper or parent documents or sale deed!!!
  • Owner is a fisherman himself!!!

Not sure if such a property could be purchased by someone who is not a fisherman???

Is it safe to buy a property without parent document or a sale deed???

Let me know if you have knowledge of purchase of such properties!!!


6 thoughts on “Is it possible to buy a property from fisherman hamlet???

  1. You will end up in loosing your money….you can’t take position of the property at all and you can’t become the legal owner………….

  2. Hi Anand, Kribs here. My Dad is quite familiar with such situations. We recently purchased a couple of properties (land) and he took care of all the legal matters. Will be happy to connect you with him. Let me know.

    1. Dear Kribs,

      How are you!! It’s been a long long time!!! Yep I’d love to catch up with uncle!!! Just came to Madurai and should be back to Chennai by republic day!!! Let me know if uncle would be in Chennai!!!

      Thank you once again!!


  3. As per my knowledge,it is pretty tricky.Inspite of the document he or may be after his period the legal hires might say that they have just borrowed some money and might ask for the possission, that would end up in tension.But still if you are interested in getting this land then you can consult a lawyer and try to know if you can get permission from court under law.I am not sure about that but something if you play around you might get it.
    Hope this helps.

    1. Yes!!! Already done my legal check!!! This is a Puranbokku Land and it has been allotted to my seller!!! So they have two certificates as an ownership document!!!

      Now my lawyer has asked me to Check it with local Village Officer and in the local Sub-Register office to see if those properties could be sold!!!

      I’ve asked my folks to do that tomorrow!!! Also thanks a lot for taking your time to explain me!!!


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