Lived the memory

It is always feels good to visit your native where your ancestors lived and belonged!! I use to visit my native Chidambaram every year, it was 1990’s which made this place more memorable!!

Those days it was dirty, smelly & people’s attire showed they were from a rural place!! These day the town has improved a lot on cleanliness & people way of dressing!! It is coming close to urban standards!!

I keep visiting relatives, dad’s friends, Nataraja temple and movies as a child!!

On completing my graduation and after getting busy with work there was no time for friends, relatives, temple and movie!!! Still I went to Chidambaram which was go & come the same day visits, which was mainly for offering Pooja for our community God!!!

This week I’ve made sure I stay and cherish my childhood life back!! Unfortunately I couldn’t visit relatives, friends & Nataraja temple.. It was a tiring drive and work as always!!!

But I went for a drive around this small town and went for a movie which I remember going almost 13 years back!!!

Then closed my day watching Aranmanai 2 at Lena Theatre!!

Finally could live a small part of my childhood!!!


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