My Mock Speech for my High School Alma Mater!!!

Today’s WordPress The Daily Post is Alma Mater: I’ve to speak at my high school alma mater — about the path of life. (Whoa.) I’ve to draft the speech.

When I goto my School and if I get an opportunity speak to the young lads, I’d be talking about winning attitude and to never convince their capacity based on their academic progress…

As a student I always had to live with the stigma of a incapable person, this was based on my academic performance. My  prudence on sports and entrepreneurship were never recognised. Infact those skills were curtailed and discouraged based on my academic performance.

From my teachers to parents to my friends(who were above average at academics) never missed an opportunity to humiliate me, mock me, ridicule me and blackmail me.

I started believing that I was not a capable person. I lived a life without any self-esteem, self-belief and confidence.

Until I plunged into entrepreneurship I underrated my own capacity based on some third person who couldn’t even find my strengths and acknowledge those strengths.

So, my suggestion to you all is;

  • Invent yourself!!!
  • Believe in you strengths!!!
  • Progress against criticism!!!

Always keep this quote in mind and march towards success and recognition!!

It doesn’t matter if you’re born in a duck yard, so long as you are hatched from a swan’s egg!

I hope my experience would have kindled your thought process and would have cleared the airs of some confused minds!!

I thank you all for the opportunity.

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