My Secrets

As a person I cannot keep Secrets and cannot be Secretive!!!

But I’ve my own share untold secrets, though they are very minimal!!!

As always most of the secrets were the crush I had on girls… Mostly I kept those crush as secrets without opening/expressing with those girls!!

Not sure how life would have turned up if I had opened up with those girls… But there is no point in talking about them now…

Also I don’t want to open up about those secret crush girls, because they are all married and settled with kids…

But when I look back I envy those days… I kept following those girls and I admired them without their knowledge..

Admiring a girl without her knowledge and keeping the feeling within is an unexplainable experience…

But I don’t have any regrets today because I’m not sure if I’d have become an entrepreneur if I had fallen for love…


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