2017!! The Story Soo Far!!

To I sum it up 2017 has been a challenging year!!! It’s been topsy turvy and till date a lot of unexpected things keeps happening!!!

They years 2012 & 2013 were too traumatic because of my father’s hospitalization. First quarter of 2014 was more traumatic as, they were final moments of my dad. Till date I’m over coming the vacuum left by my dad.

But remaining part of 2014 was better and I did lots of crazy things to overcome my dad’s demise.

The following year(2015) was more exciting as;

  • I explored lots of business opportunities like business visits to IS & pivoting my coffee shop business plan/model.
  • I had a team which was delivering my orders at Cogzidel Technologies and having a dream team like that was a bliss.
  • Did some property investments!!
  • Spent three months with bureaucrats, to set right legal heir transfer Impediments. In fact, I wanted to write a blog on the nightmare’s of our system, but couldn’t write one!! But the experience was great after coming out successfully!!
  • The more precious thing that happened during 2015 is birth of my angel daughter. This one year has bettered all positive things of the year!!

Over all 2015 was like a fairytale!!!

Then the year 2016 was also interesting as my Coffee business was launched and I spent more time with my coffee startup, it was a fun filled year!!! Within a year we have opened 4 Coffee Outlets!! Then there was this Dubai trip to explore business opportunities for CCS.

Now comes the year 2017!!! I can call this the year of challenges!!!

  • There was huge attrition in all my group companies!!
  • Still working on rebuilding the team for CT and CFB!! Bala had slogged for CCS!!
  • Then some good part of year was sucked by legal challenges!!
  • Then there was some property issues which happened and working my way out of it!!

All these challenges have sucked a lot of time and money!!! But always facing and overcoming challenges is a great lesson and opportunity!!! I’m greatful to the almighty for exposing me to such challenges!! Wish all the years experience and efforts will be a positive start for 2018!!!

Wish you all a HAPPY & PROSPOROUS 2018!!


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