Week Markers around Tier 2 & 3 Cities!!!

Since, Yamuna joined me in Madurai we started buying Vegetables from weekly street market.

For a house of 3, it costs us less than ₹200 a week. We tried buying the same quantity of vegetables in a supermarket and it cost us ₹600.

Normally we shop at Bypass Road market and we have shops put in the entrance of supermarket. Once we got 3 lemons for ₹5 from a lady who was selling in the entrance of Nilgiris Supermarket. Out of curiosity I checked for the price of lemon at Nilgiris and the cost was ₹5 per lemon.

Usually these markets are set by nearby villagers who come to Madurai to sell their produce. Mostly they were organic, but over the time people have started buying from wholesale market and sell in these markets.

This is one sad aspect, but otherwise I prefer these markets because;

  • They are economical.
  • They provide livelihood for underprivileged.
  • Though it is less organic these days, they are fresh.
  • Also it gives me an opportunity to stay connected with all stature of the society.


2 thoughts on “Week Markers around Tier 2 & 3 Cities!!!

  1. நம்ம மதுரை வீட்ல எப்பவுமே உழவர் சந்தை தான். டிபார்ட்மென்டல் கடைக்கு எங்க அப்பா போகவே மாட்டார்!

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