That Day Yesterday

Driving in Chennai can be a daunting experience, especially with the ongoing metro construction that has shrunk main roads and led to digging on interior roads for drainage and metro water. But recently, I had to make a trip from Porur to Singaperumal Kovil with my friend and son, and to my surprise, it turned out to be a stress-free experience.

We started our journey at 9:30 AM, and despite the heavy traffic, I was able to drive comfortably while engaging in a conversation with my friend. My son, too, was occupied with snacking, watching videos, and talking to my friend. We picked up some materials in Vadapalani and continued our journey, a 50 KM drive to Singaperumal Kovil.

With my friend engaging my son and me, the journey felt effortless, and we completed the job without any stress. We returned home by 1 PM, and I decided to take my son back to Madurai, where he stays with his mother.

The drive back to Madurai, which started at 3 PM, was equally enjoyable, and my son’s occasional crankiness didn’t affect my driving. I took breaks to let him play in the play area of hotels, fed him, and continued driving without feeling any stress. We reached Madurai at 11:15 PM, and it was a great feeling to have had such a smooth and enjoyable drive.

Sometimes, things just fall into place, and yesterday was one of those days. Despite the challenging conditions on Chennai’s roads, the trip turned out to be a memorable and stress-free experience for me and my son


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