Between Present Love and Ghostly Past

Synopsis of my friends story!!

The story follows a wealthy young man who leaves his village to pursue a career in IT in Chennai. He falls in love, enjoys his new friends and decides to settle down in the city by purchasing a newly constructed apartment in a community in OMR. However, he soon discovers that he is the only occupant of the entire community. After some intriguing events, he decides to move out and relocate to his old mansion. Eventually, people begin to move in and he reconsiders his decision, deciding to stay in the community. He becomes close to his neighbors and is happy until he discovers that they are all ghosts. To his surprise, they are his own family, former love, and neighbors from his past life who perished in a building collapse. As the only one to be reborn, he is faced with a dilemma: stay with his ghostly loved ones or return to his present family and love. The story explores his ultimate decision and the consequences that follow.


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