Services offered & to be offered by CCS

Thought there are bouquets of services offered by Cogzidel Consultancy Services (CCS) we have accomplished most of the listed services we have offered and it is my desire to complete the entire cycle of services soon.

Some of the services which have already been offered:

Company Incorporation: In fact I must say this has been the star product/service offered by CCS. From the date of inception we have incorporated 20+ Private Limited companies.

Trademark Registration: This is our second star product/service. Though this service was listed right from our inception. We got our first client only in the month of March 2009 only to get more and more every month. Till date we have applied for Trademarks for 20+ companies.

Statutory Compliance: This has been our third superstar service. We have registered for Service Tax, Professional Tax & Sales Tax for 15+ companies some are renewed banks. We have also calculated, worked & filed Service Tax, Sales Tax, Professional Tax and Income Tax returns for 40+ companies.

Accounting & HR Services: This service includes Accounts Punching, Tax Calculation, Payroll Processing & Statutory Compliance Management. We take care of all the Accounts & HR (Excluding Recruitment) operations of an organization leaving the promoters to concentrate on operations and marketing. This is one service which we want to promote as this gives us residual income. We have 7 clients for whom we work on this on a monthly contract basis.

Drafting Agreements: Though we do this to our clients for most of the services. We have serviced 4 clients to whom we have exclusively drafted agreements.

Individual IT returns filing: Thought this is not in our core business agenda we have added this in our services list as we have to file IT Returns for our own staff who number around 50 people and to our client’s staff who number to another 150+ people. We had a target to file 1000+ individual IT returns but we ended up by filing for 250 people only. We went to people at the last moment and we have our lessons using which we can achieve our target by next financial year.

Business Plan Writing: This is one service which is picking up off late. After serving a client in writing his Business Plan 6 months back to pitch in for investment. We are getting couple of enquires off late.

Fund Raising: This would have been our No.1 product provided if we are able to raise funds for all enquires. We are working on ways to be successful in raising funds for our clients though Venture Capitalist, Angel Investors, Private Equities, and Bank Loans etc. once we catch hold of a formula we will take this in a Big way.

Till now we have not offered services clients for only one listed service.

Franchise Consulting: Thought we have all necessary alliance and knowledge to help individuals to get a right franchisee or for a company to launch its own franchisee we have not reached to the targeted clients yet. Still we have not received any enquiry on this. I must sit and analyze where we are lacking and how to improve in this service.

Incorporating a LLP: Incorporating Limited Liability Partnership is a new option for individuals to run a registered company like LLC in US. This is a very new service and we have to tap this market.

If you want details about any of the above listed services kindly email Mr.Bala Murugan (


Cogzidel Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. Services

Where ever we talk about services offered by Cogzidel Consultancy Services (CCS) people get excited about list of services… Some people & well wishers also expressed their concern stating we are concentrating on too many services… For those kinds of people I’d first request you all to read this blog post… Now let me tell you the advantages of outsourcing to CCS;


  • Saving cost by outsourcing non-core functions which are mandatory for functioning of business…
  • Getting services from experienced professionals…
  • Getting a professional outlook for your entity by complying with all compliances…
  • Professional book-keeping where we have a copy of all your records and can avail in time of need…
  • Saving the company paying fine and penalties which arises because of inexperience in support functions…


In short we provide Compliance Management & Business Process Management services and we provide single window service for all services which falls under CM and BPM parse… There are the types of services which we offer;


  • Accounting Services (including Internal Audit)
  • Payroll Processing
  • Regn of company / society / trust / partnership firm
  • Employee-friendly Tax planning
  • Filing IT returns
  • Obtaining PAN / TAN
  • Statutory compliances – PF / ESI / Sales Tax / Service Tax / STPI etc
  • Trademark / Patent Registration
  • Business Incubation Services
  • Bootstrapping


For more information about the services please feel free to visit