PHP Android iOS CSS MySQL Job Openings for Freshers in Madurai

Cogzidel Technologies Pvt Ltd is a boutique IT services company which specialises in Web, Mobile & Wearable Technologies. Cogzidel Technologies has been in existence since 2008 & has built careers for 15000+ young professionals belonging to the rural part of India.

Now we are expanding and we are looking for vibrant youngsters to be a part of Cogzidel family.

Job Position: Developer Trainee

Experience: Fresher

Skills: C/C++, PHP, Android, Java, iOS, CSS, MySQL

Qualification: Any Degree

Location: Madurai


How to apply? Resumes can be emailed to


Environment Screws Life Screws

Just realized how technology has been embedded on me…. Am restless for a reason which I couldn’t believe me… Still feeling like am missing something…

So here are the reasons;

Evernote sync issue: Did a lot of content writing on Evernote… Now I couldn’t sync and share the content…

FaceBook on Android doesn’t Load: For last two days I couldn’t get into Facebook on my Android… I could post, share, like or comment… Feeling like someone has chopped my two hands :-(…

WordPress Post Doesn’t Upload: Couldn’t post blow through mobile… Reason should be slow internet? Or is it an app issue??? Should figure it out…

Overall whatever the reason would be am feeling totally motivated and let down :-(…

My Galaxy S2 got screwed – Wanted HELP

For last three days my Android GingerBREAD Samsung Galaxy S2 got screwed for some reason… I keep getting an error PROCESS SYSTEM NOT RESPONDING and it asks to WAIT or FORCE QUIT… Either way the system restarts…

I tried browsing thru all possible support forums and I see a lot of people posting the problem but couldn’t get a solution online…

Then I thought it is time to know the doors of Samsung support… It was a wonderful call centre support and was happy with the courtesy… Asking for my location they gave me the address of their authorised support centre…

I went there with the hopes of fixing the issue… First of all I was startled to see a Samsung authorised support centre Ian dirty complex… Secondly the place was choatic and it was all irated customers shouting at the support staff… What even shocked me was the support staffs were rude in handling the customers…

I thought for a moment if this was a right place for me to handover my expensive phone and I walked back… For last 3 days I’ve been living with this phone which restarts often and I could use a lot of app… Now I’m struck on deciding a solution…

Should I go back to the service centre and give them a chance?
Should I call back Samsung and tell them the situation?
Should I try to solve the issue myself??

I thought it would be better to blog and see if my readers have any solution in hand… Folks pls let me know if you had come across this issue and solved it… I’d be grateful if you can help me solve the issue…

Google Launches Super Phone Nexus One

Salient features & information about Google Nexus One – Web Meets Phone. 

  • Handset is manufactured by HTC.
  • Software used is Google’s Android 2.1.
  • Can be purchased from
  • Phone is prices at $179.
  • Device has 3.7-inch OLED 800 x 480 display.
  • Processor is 1 GHz Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm.
  • Device is 11.5 mm thick, and weighs just 130 grams
  • Device has 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and can take MPEG 4 videos.
  • Google applications such as Gmail, Google Voice and Google Maps Navigation are inbuilt.
  • Device has a career-independent model & also a model tied up with T-Mobile.
  • Already 5188 article based on Nexus One.