Salem Professional Tax Experience

Yesterday was one of the electrifying days in my professional life. Everything got done in a jiffy. But things started with a shaky note. I woke up in at 5 AM in the morning only to find that my mobile charge is too low. Then I put my mobile in charge and went to refresh and take back and after coming back after 45 min I was shocked to see that charger was crap and the mobile was not charged. 

Mobile was very inevitable because I needed bala’s help or clients Branch Manager’s help if needed. Then I charged the mobile with Kannan’s charger and my travel was delayed by 2 hours. 

Then I boarded a bus to Salem by 8 AM and it travelled to places Dhindikal, Karur, Namakkal & Finally reached Salem by 2 PM in the afternoon. But travelling was not as boring because climate was cool and also it was raining often. Also I was able to watch 2 movies while I was travelling. Even more importantly the bus was not crowded that I was able to sit comfortable till the end of the journey. 

Then on reaching Salem I enquired about Corporation office and on reaching there I came to know that Treasury works form 10 AM – 2 PM and I reached there by 2.45 PM. But I was asked to go to Hastampatti where there is the Corporation office for the zone where I wanted to Register & Remit Professional Tax. 

I reached that office by 3 o clock and I was made to wait for the PTO. In that time I went and had lunch in a near by hotel and I was walking at near by places. I returned back to 3.45 PM as it was too hot. By the time I returned to Corporation say in 5 min, it got pitch dark and started raining for next 45 min. 

I went to the computer room’s visitor area and took a small nap. Then I went to a Peon and told him I wanted his help as I’m from Chennai and I wanted to get that work done at any cost. Then the PTO came by 5 o clock only to go back again. But with the help of the Peon I got everything done in 30 min. 

By 5.35 PM I got the receipt and assessment number. This made me feel good as it took 10 days to get this work done in Coimbatore & Bangalore. 

Then I reached back to KPN office by 6.30 and with all their mess I got a ticket by 7 o clock. Then I brought a Money Today magazine and I went to near by mobile shop to charge my mobile and had Pizza as dinner and I boarded the bus by 10 o clock and reached home by 5.45 AM today. 

Over all my confidence is at a new high after this experience. And at the end of the day what made me feel happy is I learned from my previous mistakes and caught hold of the right guy to get things done.