Quote I frequently use!! And WHY??

As an entrepreneur I have pinned many quotes in my board room to stay motivated.. Likewise I use many quotes to motivate people and to pump up their enthusiasm..

One quote I frequently use is;

A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for.. – by Albert Einstein

This is one quote which I kept telling to my critics, my team leaders and want-to be entrepreneurs..

The quote very well explains by itself. But the quote explains;

  • Progressing
  • Risk taking
  • Failure 
  • Go-getting
  • Believing

This Quote was a game changer to me and hope it have made an impact on many others too.. 

Thanks to Einstein…

Wikipedia & I

Yesterday I was hacking thru Wikipedia to post an article about RBS… What was thought to be challenging and confusing for last couple of years ended up very interesting and I learned the nuances of the system and wiki markup in 4 hours and  created an article for RBS (Don’t know if it will be there anymore as editors have recommended to delete it citing itz a new software)…

I started playing with Wikipedia by 10 PM yesterday and ended by around 2.30 AM today morning… Went home happily and had a nice sleep… Came to office in the morning and checked the article and was taken back seeing the recommendation to delete the article…


You can see a box with red vertical line, which says “It is proposed that this article be deleted”

If you are a Wikipedian or if know any Wikipedian please let me know how to save my hard work… Anyways I’m not giving it up easily I’ve replied to the editors as well as I’m digging into Wikipedia help to know more about their systems and rules…

Ok now I want to explain my key learning’s and how I fell for Wikipedia… After deciding to post an article in Wikipedia I started searching for “Create Article” link & was try “Upload File” under tools to upload my logo… I read lot of wikis and their Help and after enough struggle I found out that a person has to become an Autoconfirmed user to upload things else we have to apply by filling a request form which will be reviewed by editors and based on their judgment things will be approved or rejected… To become a Autoconfirmed user we must have edited/contributed atleast 10 articles…

I started editing articles and this is when I fell in love with Wikipedia and decided I must become a Wikipedian… Initially I added Cogzidel under companies in Madurai, Adambakkam, economy of Chennai, then I went to my area Porur to share information I know and finally I made some edit for my college GLIM

By this time I finished editing 10 articles and became an Autoconfirmed user automatically and posted my article for RBS(also my first article)…

Before concluding let me share some of my pleasing moments…

This is my first Wiki markup code;

| company_name = RBS
| company_logo = [[Image:Rbs-logo.jpg|center|RBS Logo]]
| company_type = [[Private company|Private]]
| owner = [http://www.cogzidel.com Cogzidel Technologies]
| foundation = [[Chennai, Tamil Nadu]]<br> [[2009]]
| location_city = {{flagicon|India}} [[Chennai]]
| location_country = [[India]]
| industry = Internet <br> Service Marketplace <br> Workforce Management <br>Bidding System
| key_people = [http://www.anandnataraj.com S.Anand Nataraj], Founder
| num_employees = 30 (2009)
| slogan = ‘Real bid real success’
| homepage = [http://www.cogzidel.com/products?view=productdetails RBS]

And these are my contribution to Wikipedia till now…