GLIM 16th best B-School in India

Great Lakes Institute of Management has been ranked 16th best b-school in India. It is a proud moment for all Great Lakers. I wish Uncle Bala for creating such a great institution within a short period of time…

Great Lakes Alumni Meet

Yesterday it was out alumni meet Great Connect. We are one notorious batch where we had fun mixed with performance. So there was noting to complain about our batch. Also we are known for our unity. So we didn’t have excuse to have a mini re-union. 

Since most of out batch-mates were from other cities only a handful of us were able to make it. So people who marked their attendance were Captain Ravi, Srikanth, Mani Maran, Tamizh, EPV & Yours Truly. 

So we all assembled in our favorite place Green Meddows Resort @ Palavakkam. Our original plan was to meet by 2 o clock. Have Lunch and leave the place by 3 o clock top our GLIM new campus @ Manamai. But as usual folks didn’t want to miss a great opportunity of being alone & we were back to our track and we started by 5 o clock. 

We reached GLIM by 5 o clock and I must say it was really stunning campus. We missed the morning sessions to tour the campus. On reaching the campus; 

  • We had chitchat with our mentor Uncle Bala.
  • Group alumni photo.
  • Photo with our batch.
  • Followed by Q & A session with uncle. 

Then we didn’t want to join the beach party. Instead we headed to a 9th feet bar in Neelangarai. Then folks re-charged themselves, finished dinner and we dispersed. 

Though I portrayed things in brief. It was really enjoyable moment to be with your classmates after a while. As we were; 

  • Pulling down each other.
  • Calling folks getting updated from them & again pulling them down.
  • Talking current trends like (Telengana, Climate Change etc)
  • Then we flashed back and cherished our schooling days. 

Now we have fixed up a time for next re-union. It is during April @ Pondy.

Tribute to teachers

To start with I’m not a great admirer of teachers as I was always a below average student in my academics. But as usual I’ve my handful teachers who were very supportive and helped me come up. So these are the great ones to whom I’d like to pay my TRIBUTES; 

Jacqulin: She was my class teacher when I was in Class II in Alpha Matriculation Higher Secondary School, CIT Nagar, Chennai. She was young & good looking. I always had her affection and she was very supportive to me. Since she was a primary class in charge she did play an important role in my career. But she help to lay good foundation which was helpful in later stages.

Poonam Motwani: She took Biology when I was in Class IX in AV.Meiyappan Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Virugambakkam, Chennai. Class IX I came terribly low in my academics but I really excelled in Sports. In this year I represented my school in Zonals in Football, Basket Ball & Athletics. Poonam mam was newly married then and was a fresher to profession also she was gorgeous in her looks. I was pet student of Poonam mam as I was very naughty, mischievous & bottom topper in the class. She treated me like her brother and she really took lot of pains to improve my standards. But all her results ended in vain as I didn’t show any interest to learn. The very next year her husband got transferred and she left Chennai and I’m not sure where she lives. But I’ve high regards for her. 

Malathy: She took English when I was in Class IX, Class XI, Class XII in AV.Meiyappan Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Virugambakkam, Chennai. English is one subject which I was above average. Malathy mam was my well wisher and she keeps advising me to choosing a career path and she has shared a lot of her personal with me. She is one special person and I’d keep her at No.1 position compared to other teachers. After my schooling I didn’t take efforts to maintain contact with her and I feel ashamed for that. 

Usha Sundar: She was my HOD in by UG where I did Bachelors in Computer Science from Dhanraj Baid Jain College, Thoraipakkam, Chennai. She is one lady who stood as inspiration in my life for her courage and for her problem solving skills. Also today I dedicate my success to her. During farewell day she said; 

“You are all ending a life which is just filled with Fun and no worries.
You were shielded by your parents.
Now you are stepping into real world.
Real world is so cruel.
If you are successful it will take as its own success.
If you fail it will treat you miserably.
So, don’t take Success for Granted;
Failures to your heart;
Learn quickly;
Best of Luck.”

All these words hit me hard and since I ventured into business immediately after college I came across all the things she said and her words helped me to overcome struggles. You can understand as you can see I’ve typed her golden words even after 9 years. Again this lady is my courage, inspiration and a mentor.

Raghu Iyer: This man is a real legend when it comes to Finance, Teaching & Humor. He enlightened me by showing power of Ms-Excel as a tool to maintain finance. He really inspired me with his teaching style that I started developing admiration for Finance. He was my Finance professor at Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai.

In this list I’m in touch with Usha Sundar Mam & with Raghu Iyer thru With other I’ve lost tough once after 1986 with Jacqulin, 1994 with Poonam & 1997 with Malathy. Let me see the power of internet and see if I’m able to get in touch with them.

Once again let me thank these important people as without you all I’m not what I’m today.

Also I’d like to thank Mr.Gopal Ramanan for igniting my inner self to atleast write about these great ones. He asked me to do it over chat and you can check his Teachers day tribute here.

GLIM eMBA Batch 3


This is a picture that stands close to my heart… They is my MBA batch and I’m glad to be part of this Batch… We didn’t know each other and each of us had too much diversity even by age… I was the youngest at 26 and the eldest person was 45 when the batch started 2 years… But we all stood united with great compassions which I realized when I was totally down last year… I can’t forget those 90 days where we were together studying, playing volleyball, swimming and many more activities :)… Learning was fun filled… Now I’m worried as those days have become history and can’t come back and I’ve to live with those greener moments I had spent…