Great Lakes Alumni Meet

Yesterday it was out alumni meet Great Connect. We are one notorious batch where we had fun mixed with performance. So there was noting to complain about our batch. Also we are known for our unity. So we didn’t have excuse to have a mini re-union. 

Since most of out batch-mates were from other cities only a handful of us were able to make it. So people who marked their attendance were Captain Ravi, Srikanth, Mani Maran, Tamizh, EPV & Yours Truly. 

So we all assembled in our favorite place Green Meddows Resort @ Palavakkam. Our original plan was to meet by 2 o clock. Have Lunch and leave the place by 3 o clock top our GLIM new campus @ Manamai. But as usual folks didn’t want to miss a great opportunity of being alone & we were back to our track and we started by 5 o clock. 

We reached GLIM by 5 o clock and I must say it was really stunning campus. We missed the morning sessions to tour the campus. On reaching the campus; 

  • We had chitchat with our mentor Uncle Bala.
  • Group alumni photo.
  • Photo with our batch.
  • Followed by Q & A session with uncle. 

Then we didn’t want to join the beach party. Instead we headed to a 9th feet bar in Neelangarai. Then folks re-charged themselves, finished dinner and we dispersed. 

Though I portrayed things in brief. It was really enjoyable moment to be with your classmates after a while. As we were; 

  • Pulling down each other.
  • Calling folks getting updated from them & again pulling them down.
  • Talking current trends like (Telengana, Climate Change etc)
  • Then we flashed back and cherished our schooling days. 

Now we have fixed up a time for next re-union. It is during April @ Pondy.


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