Which is a better career choice? Cow Farm or Programmer

Ramasamy passed B.tech and got placed in a MNC during Campus Recruitment for a CTC 4 lakhs. His Relatives and Family friends wished him success. That’s it!! Ramasamy face glowed like Petramax light and thought himself from today every day will be happy.

Madasamy beside to Ramasamy house got failed in Degree. All his relatives and family friends blamed Madasamy as everyone in Hyderabad is studying B.tech but Madasamy even failed in degree. Every one gave him suggestions like to sell Idly, Dosa…. Put Pan shop… or sell Milk… His Father was very much embarrassed. Now what to do…? Madasamy asked his mother 2 lakhs and borrowed 2 more lakhs then bought buffaloes and started Milk Business.

Ramasamy bought bike through credit card and started to office. Madasamy on TVS with Milk Cans also started to sell. Ramasamy proudly said ‘Hai’ to Madasamy. Madasamy with embarrass look said ‘Hai’ and left to their duties.

Six months passed away!!

Ramasamy cleared 20% interest over bike; still actual price 80K is pending. Madasamy cleared ₹1 lakh out of his ₹2 lakh borrowed money. Both faced each other, Ramasamy gave small smile thinking that when he will clear 80K. Madasamy also gave narrow smile by thinking about his remaining 1 lakh loan.

One year passed away!!

Ramasamy put hopes on salary hike. Suddenly due to recession company mailed this year no hike. Now half liter milk price increased to ₹14/-Rs from ₹10/-Rs. This profited Madasamy to 30% and cleared remaining 1 lakh loan amount. By now anyhow Ramasamy cleared his Bike loan and brought Personnel loan of ₹2 lakhs for 16% interest. Ramasamy bought furniture, LCD, LapTop with ₹2 that lakhs. Every One accolade Ramasamy as he brought these accessories in just 2 years of job. Now Madasamy with his Profited money brought 12 more buffaloes. His income doubled.

Again both faced each other. Ramasamy gave doubtful smile thinking about his Personnel loan. Madasamy gave heart full smile since he doesn’t have any debts.

After 2 Years Ramasamy got 10% salary hike. He then bought a Maruthi Wagan R car through Car Loan. Mean time Madasamy bought 2 acres land for his 3 dozens of buffaloes. Even Milk Prices raised to 30% again. Now Madasamy income is 200% more than Ramasamy. Madasamy owned one Auto to sell Milk. One more time both faced each other. By thinking his Loans and Interests Ramasamy unable to give whole Hearted Smile. Whereas Madasamy smiled confidently from his own Auto.

Two more years passed away!!

Ramasamy applied to ₹40 lakhs home loan and bought one apartment. Madasamy buffaloes number crossed Century. Madasamy bought 2 apartments. Ramasamy got 10 more percent salary hike. Milk price crossed ₹40/Rs per liter now. Total income of Madasamy is 500% more than the income of Ramasamy. That’s all Madasamy bought 1 Skoda and 1 Innova Car. Both faced each other. Ramasamy gave tension smile by thinking that when he will clear ₹40 lakh loan. Madasamy gave Confident smile since he own a single size Milk Factory with more than 100 buffaloes and 25 workers.

That night Ramasamy was in a deep frustration. Because after 5 years Madasamy own 4 crores of Money, monthly ₹5 lakhs of income, provided jobs to 25 workers. Ramasamy salary is ₹7 lakhs with ₹40 lakhs debt and un satisfactory job. This is the Balance Sheet.

Facts: In 2008 Milk was ₹10/- litre. Now ₹40/- litre. Gold ₹12500/- 10 grams, Now ₹30000/-. In the last 5 years salary hikes for software professionals was just 30%. All commodity prices increased to 300%. Still many people from outside think about software engineers that as they earn in lakhs…

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Pass this information

If you have come across any bright students coming from poor financial background who have finished their 10th standard this year (April 2009) and scored more than 80%, please ask them to contact the NGO-Prerana (supported by Infosys foundation). The NGO is conducting a written test and those who clear the test will be eligible for financial help for their further studies.

Please ask the students to contact the people mentioned below to get the form;

#580, Shubhakar, 44th cross,
1st ‘A’ Main Road,
Jayanagar 7th block Bangalore
Mob no- 9900906338(Saraswati)

Mr.Shivkumar( 9986630301) – Hanumanth nagar office
Ms.Bindu(9964534667 )-Yeshwantpur office

Even if you don’t know anyone, please pass on this info, some one might be in need of this help desperately.

Entrepreneurship!! Whose piece of cake?

I’ve seen many highly energized people who approach me with their business ideas asking to review their idea or for investment… Most of these people who approached me said they were meeting more people with their ideas for more than six months… When I asked the reason for their wait;


  • Some said they had family commitments to fulfill and hence they can’t quit their job.
  • Some said they work to gain experience which would be helpful when they start a business.
  • Some said they are waiting for proper timing (Some said market is at itz high and waiting for correction & some said it is recession).
  • Some say they don’t have enough capital to start a company.


There were many more reasons which sound crazy… Though I respect their reason be it genuine or not. I can’t buy their reason for delaying their entrepreneurial ambitions because;


  • Mr.Narayanamurthy founder of Infosys had a family (Wife & 2 children) when he started Infosys. Commitments are man made and we have control over our commitments and we have to plan and control our commitments to bring out other desire.
  • Job experience and business experience are different ball game and when one starts a business at any point of time (with or without experience) they have to come across challenges.
  • Timings can’t be timed because when market is on a high note there will be business but costs are high and when there is a recession costs are low but business will be poor. Always there is no right time to start a business or to put it optimistically every time is right time to start a business.
  • Always one need not have capital to start a company. There are many ways to bootstrap and one must read success stories how they bootstrapped in they their early days.


I personally didn’t have much job experience when I took up entrepreneurship but today I gained much knowledge and experience which is required by an entrepreneur. But my friends who started business with 8 years of job experience are overcoming the same challenges which I came across.


One more thing which I want to tell every striving or wanna be entrepreneurs is “Start something immediately” only then you will create a focus and can find your path. Until then it will be a chicken and egg story…


Let me end this blog with this note;


  • Ship is always safe in the shores but it is not built for that.
  • Start small Think big Work on quick iterations.