Nights are Boring

I’ve been a night bird for more than 13 years now. This practice has changed my metabolism & I’m unable to change this cycle. If i sleep by 9 or 10 PM I wake up at 2 AM or I goto bed only by 4 or 5 AM.

But that is not the problem. Problem is my style of working. I use to call or chat with friends while working & by this way I see to it that the work load doesn’t take a toll on my performance.

But these day nights are a nightmare to me. When I want to take a brea don’t k I have anyone to talk with or to chat. Spending those 4 – 5 hours at night looks like crossing a decade in life.

For long i’ve been suffering from this lonely-mania at nights and still haven’t found a solution. The best possible solution will be to develop a team at night and spend time with them.


Insomnia & Hypersomnia

Last month I was suffering from insomnia a disorder where in I was not getting sleep. I didn’t sleep day and night for 2-3 consecutive days and this happened on three to four occasions. This was the first time I suffered a disorder like this and I thought of having a doctor checkup. By the time I went to Bangalore 2 weeks back and the work was so hectic that I started sleeping normally.

But for last four days I suffer from another disorder that is total antonym to insomnia. Last four days I’ve been sleeping for more than 12 hours a day and yesterday it was even worse I slept by 10 PM and woke only by 2.30 PM the next day. It is 16 hours of continuous sleep. When I googled about this problem I came to know about hypersomnia which is the name of the disorder.

I’m wondering why this sudden change. I always take pride by telling people that I can control my sleep and many of my friends envy such a trait of mine. Now I don’t know if I must wait and watch or should I goto a doctor immediately and consult him. Anyway I’m very busy for next 3-4 days and let me wait and watch how things progress.