Nights are Boring

I’ve been a night bird for more than 13 years now. This practice has changed my metabolism & I’m unable to change this cycle. If i sleep by 9 or 10 PM I wake up at 2 AM or I goto bed only by 4 or 5 AM.

But that is not the problem. Problem is my style of working. I use to call or chat with friends while working & by this way I see to it that the work load doesn’t take a toll on my performance.

But these day nights are a nightmare to me. When I want to take a brea don’t k I have anyone to talk with or to chat. Spending those 4 – 5 hours at night looks like crossing a decade in life.

For long i’ve been suffering from this lonely-mania at nights and still haven’t found a solution. The best possible solution will be to develop a team at night and spend time with them.


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