Out of Stock

Day before Yesterday we(myself & swami) were told by one of our Sales folks that there is an offer running for iPhone 3G for Rs.9999/- from Aircel… For long we wanted to buy an iPhone to our Mobile Development Labs… There was an option online to make a booking but the catch is it will take 13 business days to get the phone… We were too impatient that we decided to goto Aircel store the next day and buy it…

Then immediately the next day after 2 – 3 hours of sleep we ventured out on the rains to the Aircel store near Little Mount, Chennai to buy our own iPhone… Upon reaching there it was we who had to tell the folks about the offer which was running… Then the Customer Support attendant made some calls and came back telling they were running out of stock and we had to wait for a week…

Since we decided to buy the phone we were disappointed and we immediately decided to buy an iPod Touch at-least… So, from Little Mount we immediately decided to goto Apple Store near Radhakrishnan Road… After getting drenched on rain and overcoming traffic jams we reached the store only to know that even iPod Touch was out of stock

Then we went to ezone which is near Mylapore and again they were running out of stock… By this time we became very desperate and we decided that we are going back to office only after buying the gadget… From there we went to Landmark in CitiCentre and again they were running out of stock

Next choice we had was to goto Chroma near Anna Salai and while coming out there was a small gadget store on the ground floor in CitiCentre and we though of giving it a shot and to our surprise he has some 10 units of iPod touch and we immediately grabbed one… After all this struggle we finally felt like winning something as we had to struggle to deserve one…

After iPad, MacBook, Android Gingerbread & Android IceCream Sandwitch we have added iPod touch which is an alternate to test iPhone apps…

Living with zero cash

Exactly on 25th January all my liquid cash has exhausted. This is because;

  • Of under performance during the month of December and kudos to X’Mas & New Year.
  • New Year bash expenditure.
  • Pongal holidays drained some liquidity as i watched two movies for pongal & i drove a lot.
  • As per my new year resolution i brought a iPod shuffle.
  • Brought some Golf Gears.
  • Saarang IIT cultural had suck some money.

All the above mentioned reasons were addition to my weekend parties, traveling & movie watch. You all can wonder how i managed to live for last one week??

Courtesy to credit cards. I’ve been traveling places without a single rupee and still enjoying to the core… Living without money and passing time is one of the best experiences i’ve ever come across.