I Support Jallikattu

The sport has been symbol of Tamil tradition for a long time!! 

Has anyone linked to ban of Jallikattu seen how these Bulls are taken care of??? 

Not sure where these so called animal lovers are when these animals are killed and served as beef??

These animals are openly smuggled to Kerela and being killed!!

There are lacks of deserted cow’s that eat garbage!!! How many are rescued and rehabilitated??

Also the judiciary which has no connect with emotions of people has passed a judgement which is only going to take people’s trust on Judiciary & Judges further down!!!

Finally we are not going to bow down easily!!! We will take every means to continue with our tradition and pride!!!


Trichy Experience

Had to drive to Trichy on Saturday to take my Granny & Mom for a condolence. Again it was an electrifying experience. 

  • Started from home by 7:30 AM. Woke up early thought I slept only by 3 AM & had just 3 hours of sleep.
  • Reached my uncles house in 4 hours and drove non stop.
  • After a short nap had to go back to my granny’s village.
  • There was Jallikattu (Bull Taming) which was restricted only to villagers. I’m watching a Jallikattu for the first time. Sadly I forgot to carry my camera to shoot the experience.
  • Had good time with tiny tots & I became their favorite as I got them ice-creams and chocolates.
  • Had dinner in my granny’s house.
  • My granny’s village is on the shores of Kaveri River & spent some time in the river as it had some water.
  • Got back to my uncles house in Trichy and went to sleep.
  • Again went to village early in the morning for condolence.
  • Had breakfast and went back to my uncle’s house.
  • Then returned back to Chennai accompanied by 2 more cars and there was race.
  • Had lunch in a hotel attached to a petrol pump.
  • Reached Chennai and went to my aunt’s house to offload some fruits.
  • Then there was an invite from my cousin for dinner and we had dinner and had nice time pulling each other.
  • Then returned home by 12 o clock and checked my email and crashed as I was too tired to write a blog.