Trichy Experience

Had to drive to Trichy on Saturday to take my Granny & Mom for a condolence. Again it was an electrifying experience. 

  • Started from home by 7:30 AM. Woke up early thought I slept only by 3 AM & had just 3 hours of sleep.
  • Reached my uncles house in 4 hours and drove non stop.
  • After a short nap had to go back to my granny’s village.
  • There was Jallikattu (Bull Taming) which was restricted only to villagers. I’m watching a Jallikattu for the first time. Sadly I forgot to carry my camera to shoot the experience.
  • Had good time with tiny tots & I became their favorite as I got them ice-creams and chocolates.
  • Had dinner in my granny’s house.
  • My granny’s village is on the shores of Kaveri River & spent some time in the river as it had some water.
  • Got back to my uncles house in Trichy and went to sleep.
  • Again went to village early in the morning for condolence.
  • Had breakfast and went back to my uncle’s house.
  • Then returned back to Chennai accompanied by 2 more cars and there was race.
  • Had lunch in a hotel attached to a petrol pump.
  • Reached Chennai and went to my aunt’s house to offload some fruits.
  • Then there was an invite from my cousin for dinner and we had dinner and had nice time pulling each other.
  • Then returned home by 12 o clock and checked my email and crashed as I was too tired to write a blog.

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