Cogzidel Technologies Office Warming Experience

We always learn from past mistakes. We took lot of lessons from Office Warming Experience of CCS which happened by September’09. So this is how it happened and how we were tangled into a new mess;

  • Kept all the Pooja things in office the previous evening.
  • Kept a key with me as last time we all reached office and we had to wait for a person to come and open the office and it got delayed.
  • The morning woke up took my bath and went to office as second person by 4.25 AM following the priest who came by 4 AM.
  • To our surprise there was a grill gate for which i didn’t have the keys.
  • Had to call the responsible person and falling prey to my parents piece of mind.
  • Had to hammer and break the lock.
  • Then things started after a delay of one hour.
  • Then folks like Kannan, Bala, Vimala & Boopathi joined.

Overall what ever things we learn from experience there are always new things that happens unexpected. Finally everything went fine and we started operations of Cogzidel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Chennai.


Cogzidel Technologies Chennai Office

Stated with high energy from the temple city of Madurai. Cogzidel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has accomplished a milestone in its journey to glory. Here are some of the synopsis for CT;

  • Started by a team of 7 energetic individuals.
    • Major Karthik
    • Sathick Basha
    • Senthil Guru
    • Bala Krishnan
    • Boopathi
    • Bala Murugan
    • Anand Nataraj
  • Developed 2 Open-source products RBS & Beatz with more than 50,000 downloads till date.
  • Developed Low cost specialty template selling website CogzidelTemplates.Com with more than 1,00,000/- downloads of free and low cost templates.
  • Benefitted by low overheads in a Tier II city and passed the benefit to the customers.
  • Inducted Mr.Kannan as director and into the core team.
  • Served more than 400 customers in a short span of 18 months.
  • Today we are into expansion spree and we have inaugurated our Chennai office with 30 seats.

I’d like to thank all the clients, all present and past employees, vendors and all stake holders who have contributed to this success. I wish to get same support from all the Cogzians to reach more milestone in future and reach great heights.

Here are some snaps taken during the office warming ceremony and inauguration by our CTO Mr.Kannan;

Office warming of CCS

DSC01595DSC01604Today we performed Office Warming for Cogzidel Consultancy Services’s new office. According to Hindu tradition we have to perform a Warming ceremony before going to a new Office or House. So, we invite a Priest who will chant Slogas and will perform a Yagam.

So yesterday night my mother went to office and made all preparation like cleaning the office, keeping all the lamps etc. Then today morning I took the priest to office and he made all arrangements he had to do. Then my parents, grand mother and my maternal uncle reached by 4.30 AM. An hour later it was the cogzidel team that made it around 5.30 AM.

Now it is time to setup the office and we are planning to start operations from here from next week.

Here are some more pictures taken;