Cogzidel Technologies Office Warming Experience

We always learn from past mistakes. We took lot of lessons from Office Warming Experience of CCS which happened by September’09. So this is how it happened and how we were tangled into a new mess;

  • Kept all the Pooja things in office the previous evening.
  • Kept a key with me as last time we all reached office and we had to wait for a person to come and open the office and it got delayed.
  • The morning woke up took my bath and went to office as second person by 4.25 AM following the priest who came by 4 AM.
  • To our surprise there was a grill gate for which i didn’t have the keys.
  • Had to call the responsible person and falling prey to my parents piece of mind.
  • Had to hammer and break the lock.
  • Then things started after a delay of one hour.
  • Then folks like Kannan, Bala, Vimala & Boopathi joined.

Overall what ever things we learn from experience there are always new things that happens unexpected. Finally everything went fine and we started operations of Cogzidel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Chennai.


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