Don’t Compromise Your Passion: Avoiding the Regret of Missed Opportunities in Life

There’s not a day goes by I don’t feel regret. Not because I’m in here, or because you think I should. I look back on the way I was then: a young, stupid kid who committed that terrible crime. I want to talk to him. I want to try and talk some sense to him, tell him the way things are. But I can’t. That kid’s long gone and this old man is all that’s left. I got to live with that.

As I read through those words, spoken by the character Red in the movie “The Shawshank Redemption,” I couldn’t help but feel a sense of sadness and regret. Regret all the times I’ve held back from pursuing my passions, settling for a safer, more comfortable path. And I know that I’m not alone in feeling this way.

It’s a common narrative in our society to prioritize stability and security over taking risks and pursuing our dreams. We’re told to go to school, get a good job, save for retirement, and then enjoy life once we’ve put in our time. But what about the things we truly love to do? What about the dreams that we’ve had since we were young?

As we grow older, we start to realize the toll that compromise takes on our lives. We start to feel that gnawing sense of regret, the feeling that we could have done more, been more. And it’s a feeling that’s hard to shake off.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We don’t have to settle for a life that’s less than what we truly desire. It takes courage and determination to pursue our passions, but the rewards are immeasurable.

Imagine waking up every day, excited to start working on something that you truly love. Imagine being able to make a living doing something that brings you joy and fulfillment. It’s not just a dream – it’s possible.

Of course, there will be obstacles along the way. There will be times when we feel like giving up, when the road ahead seems too daunting. But those moments are also opportunities for growth and self-discovery. It’s during those times that we learn the most about ourselves and what we’re truly capable of.

So if you’re reading this and you’re feeling that same sense of regret that Red felt, it’s not too late. You can still pursue your passions, no matter how old you are or what your current situation may be. It’s never too late to start living the life you’ve always wanted.

Don’t be the person who looks back on their life with regret, wishing they had taken more risks and followed their dreams. Be the person who takes action, who pursues their passions with everything they’ve got. Because in the end, that’s what truly matters


Yet another ambitious guy falling for DOGMA :(

Early morning when I was half asleep got a call from a friend who is several years junior to me… I’ve known this kid for almost 10 years and he has never even entered his teen… He called me to inform me that he has completed his graduation and he is working as a lecturer… First I couldn’t believe my eyes to see the kid taking up a job and that to as a lecturer…

Second I was surprised and saddened to see him taking up a job…I’ve known this guy to be independent, rebellious, notorious, brave, and huge passion for movies… Almost every day he lived for movies and he can replicate personalities and dialogues… His aim was to become a Cinema Director…

Today when I was talking to him I told him I couldn’t believe how come he be a good lecturer as he himself was notorious and uncontrollable and also how he can give up his dream so easily…

His instant reply was to please his parents for two years and after two years he wanted to pursue his dream… Though I was not convinced and pleased… I told him he is making his life complicated and told he has fallen into the trap… I advised him dreamers always need to start early before falling into any commitment or tasting the comfort zone…

He said he is firm that he would quit his job in 2 years and join movies and he wants to please his parents for 2 years… I didn’t want to advice him much and wrapped the conversation by wishing him luck in his career and prayers for not falling into DOGMA…

What is DOGMA??
Dogma is living with the results of other people’s thinking.

From the morning I’m deeply disturbed because I know think guy had deep talent and he would have made it big in Movies… Yet another year and yet another case of a person falling prey to the trap laid by mediocre parents…