Anamalai to Chennai Drive

Got up early in the morning and started driving from Anamalai to Chennai… Once started my drive it was full of calls just reached A2B near Perendurai Bypass!! 

Until now it was call all the way;

  • Got a call from Rooban and it was a general catchup call!!!
  • Get got a call from Vadamalayan Hospital that our HR met with accident.
  • Coordinated my IamCJ co-founder Dinesh to attend her in hospital.
  • Upon reaching the hospital Dinesh called and said HR has fractured her leg…
  • Then spoke to our Ravi Sir about the ESI mediclaim process and that was facilitated by him..
  • Had a SOD call with Swami and things were planned for the day…
  • Then it was a call with Bala about the franchisee agreement..

The advantage of having Bluetooth speaker really helps in improving the productivity on the drive…

Now it is continue the drive and work on follow up calls…

Also please pray for the quick recovery of our HR…

PS: Let us not open the debate of talking on the drive!! I believe talking over a hands free device is not a crime, but open to interpratations!!! Following article talks about the perceptions and let me open up a blog post separately for this debate!!!


All went well SUNDAY

Yesterday was one rare day where every thing happened as per plan and without any deviation!!! 

The day started at Anaimalai, Pollachi and after spending some time with my better half, started my days mission;

  • Reached Palani by 9.30 AM and had a meeting with Palani Reporters for our Citizen Journalist( initiative!!
  • Then started driving to Dindigul and it was founders meeting over the drive about the progress and planning for with Dinesh.
  • On reaching Dindigul went to attend my friend Close Buddy Stalin wife’s Valaikappu(Bangle Function).
  • Then accepted Dinesh request to have lunch at his home and thanks to his mother for the delicious lunch.
  • Then came back to Madurai and took a 15 min power nap.
  • Then again went for a retrospection meeting with Swami, Saravanan & Nadesh.
  • Closed the day with dinner at newly opened A2B Restaurent at Solavandhan..

Over all it was a fulfilling day as no plan got deviated and every thing happened for satisfaction.

Mood swings & forgetfulness 

  It was a fantastic Sunday morning where I got up late and did things at my own will!!!

Important task of the day was to goto Pollachi to complete my wife’s part of documentation for the banking work to be executed in Chennai!!

On checking the checklist and everything set started my drive from home!!

Over all what to say??? It was a fulfilling trip where;

  • I had a wonderful Brunch!!!
  • Filled up Gas!!!
  • Had a thought provoking with Saravanan!!!
  • Then it was a wonderful 180 KM drive and Music!!!

On reaching homecoming out that I forgot to carry the main document required to complete the bank work!!

From then on it was mood swings and lost all the fun that came along the way!!! Need to check the root cause for forgetfulness!!!