Anamalai to Chennai Drive

Got up early in the morning and started driving from Anamalai to Chennai… Once started my drive it was full of calls just reached A2B near Perendurai Bypass!! 

Until now it was call all the way;

  • Got a call from Rooban and it was a general catchup call!!!
  • Get got a call from Vadamalayan Hospital that our HR met with accident.
  • Coordinated my IamCJ co-founder Dinesh to attend her in hospital.
  • Upon reaching the hospital Dinesh called and said HR has fractured her leg…
  • Then spoke to our Ravi Sir about the ESI mediclaim process and that was facilitated by him..
  • Had a SOD call with Swami and things were planned for the day…
  • Then it was a call with Bala about the franchisee agreement..

The advantage of having Bluetooth speaker really helps in improving the productivity on the drive…

Now it is continue the drive and work on follow up calls…

Also please pray for the quick recovery of our HR…

PS: Let us not open the debate of talking on the drive!! I believe talking over a hands free device is not a crime, but open to interpratations!!! Following article talks about the perceptions and let me open up a blog post separately for this debate!!!


4 thoughts on “Anamalai to Chennai Drive

  1. What ever you do is correct until you get some hiccup’s. Enjoy talking on your drive. But don’t write or type anything on drive, still i did not see any converter to turn a speech into text :):) Enjoy buddy!!

    1. Yep looking for a good speech to text app!!! If that comes that would be a blessing in disguise!!!

      Also you know what?? I was expecting a comment from you for this post and you did it!!!

    1. But even when we drive we are preoccupied with a lot of things!!! So what if you have a pillion in bike or couple of folks in your car!! Don’t you talk to them?.

      I assume the distraction is holding the handset and not the talk… Any ways point taken BRO!!!

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