Quote I frequently use!! And WHY??

As an entrepreneur I have pinned many quotes in my board room to stay motivated.. Likewise I use many quotes to motivate people and to pump up their enthusiasm..

One quote I frequently use is;

A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for.. – by Albert Einstein

This is one quote which I kept telling to my critics, my team leaders and want-to be entrepreneurs..

The quote very well explains by itself. But the quote explains;

  • Progressing
  • Risk taking
  • Failure 
  • Go-getting
  • Believing

This Quote was a game changer to me and hope it have made an impact on many others too.. 

Thanks to Einstein…

It was a mediocre day!!!

Went to office today to catch up on some pending line items… A lot were planned to catch up for the lost time..

But it was not moving as I expected.. Things were moving very slowly and we made little progress..

Being a leader I couldn’t let my motivation down and I tried my level best to pumped up…

Went out for a walk, came back to office and watched some movivational clippings from YouTube…

After competing the day I found out where was the snag and took up those snags to Swami immediately…

Though this day has not given the desired result I’m sure this will make way for the great things we are going to do this year..

Look at a stone cutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred-and-first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not the last blow that did it, but all that had gone before. – by Jacob Riis

The key to success!!!

Knowingly or Unknowingly all my business ventures have been launched before I ready!!

My first venture Agriya;

  • It was started even before I was out of college!!!
  • Never possessed any technical or interpersonal skills!!! 
  • Could call myself a fresher entrepreneur!!

This was a turning point not in my life but also for a bunch of friends and acquaintances who started their own ventures looking at the success of my first venture!!!

My second venture People Justice Magazine!!!

  • Started at the age of 24!!!
  • No idea on how to run a magazine and that too a Tamil one!!!
  • No expertise on collecting news!!!
  • No experience in editorial!!!

The venture failed as I was not full time into it!!! Also the team I formed didn’t connect with the vision I carried!!! I wanted to go digital during 2005 and the team collapsed for the same reason!!! Today it would have been a great if we have changed!!! Anyway the learnings and connects it gave me was stupendous!!! Also we were able to print magazines for 2 years!!!

My third venture Cogzidel Technologies!!!

  • Started at a time I was broke mentally and monetarily!!!
  • Was running through multiple legal battles!!!
  • Wanted to take a spiritual break but couldn’t!!!

Still running the Show!!! Not reached the heights I anticipated!!! But able to run so far and I’m ready to take a great leap!!

My third venture Cogzidel Consultancy Services!!!

  • Started at a time I was broke mentally and monetarily!!!
  • Was running through multiple legal challenges!!!
  • Wanted to take a spiritual break but couldn’t!!!
  • No idea on what to do & how to do with this venture!!
  • Just started with my pain points but was lacking the operation knowledge!!!
  • My partner Bala was lacking the business knowledge and he was not ready too!!!

Today this company is our identity in India!!! Almost every Startups in Chennai should be aware of CCS!!! In less than a year we got the business & operational knowledge and we are working on great things!!!

My fourth venture Movie Production!!!

  • Didn’t know anything about the industry!!!
  • Didn’t have any capital when we started!!!

The movie flopped miserably!!! But I wouldn’t consider it a loss as it was a crowd funded movie and the loss can be substantiated for the experience of being  associated with the industry!!! 

Also can’t call it a failure yet as I’m on a sabbatical and planning to venture back!! This time not as a producer but as a distributor!!!

But in every case I was not ready with Capital or Experience or Knowledge or Team or any other aspects… But as I perceived everything fell in line and things happened!!!

So, I’d tell anyone running behind SUCCESS to blindly believe in the quote!!


Been through these Phases

I’ve personally experienced these phases and saw fit for want to be entrepreneurs to frame it in their drawing room!!

 This is why you must not give up;

  • You haven’t tried everything!!
  • You are closer to success than you think!!
  • If you don’t finish, then someone would!!
  • Right before success there is a dark phase!!
  • You will never regret trying until the end!!
  • It’s better to die trying than giving up!!
  • Past failure does not predict the future!!
  • As long as you are alive, anything is still possible!!!