Openings at Cogzidel Technologies Chennai

Requirement #1: Business Development Executive

Job Description:

  • Selling IT services to the US market.
  • Maintaining the good relationship with the existing clients.
  • Finding New Business Opportunities (NBO) in the US Market.
  • Scheduling appointments to the Sales Manager and the Sales head
  • Reporting to the Sales Head.
  • Aggressive, Energetic,Enthusiastic and Self Starter.

Qualification :

  • B.Sc , BCA, MBA, MCA, B.Tech

Experience :

  • Minimum 6 months of experience in an out bound or cold calling environment.
  • Willing to work in night shift.
  • Excellent communication skills.

Requirement #2 : .net Developers

Job Description:

  • Good Analytical Skills.
  • Problem Solving ability.
  • Self-motivated & ability to work with teams.
  • Handling clients.
  • Good understanding of requirement.

Qualification :

  • B.Sc , BCA, MBA, MCA, B.Tec

Experience :

  • 1 – 2 years of experience in .net programming.
  • Excellent communication skills.

If you are interested of have any reference please forward the resumes to

CCS has opened its wings on Incubation Services

Yes officially we about to Incubate 2 companies which are yet to be named. Businesses of those two companies are; 

  • Newsletter Management Services
  • HR Recruitment Consultancy Firm 

Both the companies are founded a team of two young & energetic entrepreneurs each. Both of them are confident on the opportunity their respective model offers. 

Now CCS will help these companies to Bootstrap where in we are; 

  • Offering space in our office.
  • Managing Support functions.
  • Enlightening them on business functions.
  • Sharing then resource likes Internet, Job Portal Account etc.
  • Sharing their services with our clients where in we help then to develop synergies.
  • Exposing them to our Vendors as they can exploit the benefit we gain and from economies of scale. Eg: Both companies together needs 4 notebooks and they can expect discounts as they are buying 4 in one shot. 

These are our first two companies from our Incubation Labs which is operating under my direct supervision and will document all the learning’s from this initial experience. 

Hope these two companies will have an identity (Company Name) in a day or two and will keep you all posted once they are out with their Name, Logo & Tag Line. I wish this small beginning goes a long way and creates history.

How to recruit your staff?

A corporation advertised all kinds of positions to fill for their new office in a big city, the candidates were selected based on their resume and tested for their aptitude for the positions. 

The corporation put around one hundred baseball balls in some particular order in a closed room with the room window open Then they send a group of two to three candidates of particular discipline into the room and locked it from outside They left them alone and came back after six hours, to analyzed the situation: 

  1. If they were counting and recounting the number of balls – They were hired for the ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT
  2. If they had messed up the whole place with the balls – They were hired for the ENGINEERING
  3. If they were arranging the balls in some other order – They were hired for the PLANNING
  4. If they were throwing the balls at each other – They were hired for the OPERATIONS
  5. If they were sleeping – They were hired for the SECURITY
  6. If they had squashed the balls into pieces – They were hired for the INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  7. If they were staring out of the window – They were hired for the EXPORT
  8. If they were sitting idle – They were hired for the HUMAN RESOURCE DEPT
  9. If they had thrown the balls out of the window – They were hired for the MATERIALS DEPT
  10. If they were clinging onto the balls – They were hired for the TREASURY
  11. If they said they had tried different combinations, yet not a ball had moved – They were hired for the SALES
  12. If they had already left for the day – They were hired for the MARKETING and finally
  13. If they were talking to each other and not a ball had moved – They were hired for the TOP MANAGEMENT

eFarm : Recruiting Interns

eFarm is inviting interns and freshers !! If you or someone you know
may be looking for an internship position, please do forward.

We are inviting interns to participate in working on some exciting new
projects at eFarm.(By exciting, we don’t mean taking a thousand photo
copies or getting chai for the boss 😉 )

The internships are crafted in such a way so that one can choose to
work on a specific area of choice, and take the project through
completion till the go live stage during the internship period
itself. For details on projects , application instructions, please refer to :

Disciplines and Open positions

The internships are across a wide variety of disciplines. Also each
project would be comprised of multi-disciplinary team members. The
following are indicative of the number of positions open at this
point :

  • Agriculture , Post Harvest technologies (4)
  • Supply chain management (4)
  • Sales and Marketing (5)
  • Food Science , catering (3)
  • Economics (2)
  • IT Software Development (8) – Computer Science,
  • Product design / Industrial design (2)
  • Retailing, Branding, Franchising (2)
  • Visual communication , Graphic arts (2)
  • Finance , Accounts (2)
  • HR (1)
  • Social Science , Rural studies (2)