CCS has opened its wings on Incubation Services

Yes officially we about to Incubate 2 companies which are yet to be named. Businesses of those two companies are; 

  • Newsletter Management Services
  • HR Recruitment Consultancy Firm 

Both the companies are founded a team of two young & energetic entrepreneurs each. Both of them are confident on the opportunity their respective model offers. 

Now CCS will help these companies to Bootstrap where in we are; 

  • Offering space in our office.
  • Managing Support functions.
  • Enlightening them on business functions.
  • Sharing then resource likes Internet, Job Portal Account etc.
  • Sharing their services with our clients where in we help then to develop synergies.
  • Exposing them to our Vendors as they can exploit the benefit we gain and from economies of scale. Eg: Both companies together needs 4 notebooks and they can expect discounts as they are buying 4 in one shot. 

These are our first two companies from our Incubation Labs which is operating under my direct supervision and will document all the learning’s from this initial experience. 

Hope these two companies will have an identity (Company Name) in a day or two and will keep you all posted once they are out with their Name, Logo & Tag Line. I wish this small beginning goes a long way and creates history.


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