Quote I frequently use!! And WHY??

As an entrepreneur I have pinned many quotes in my board room to stay motivated.. Likewise I use many quotes to motivate people and to pump up their enthusiasm..

One quote I frequently use is;

A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for.. – by Albert Einstein

This is one quote which I kept telling to my critics, my team leaders and want-to be entrepreneurs..

The quote very well explains by itself. But the quote explains;

  • Progressing
  • Risk taking
  • Failure 
  • Go-getting
  • Believing

This Quote was a game changer to me and hope it have made an impact on many others too.. 

Thanks to Einstein…

Criticising an entrepreneur yields empty reaction!!! Babeeee!!!!!! 

Today I’ve been criticised for a lot of my decisions and for the not soo favourable  results!!!

Criticism One

I purchased our car from a different dealer instead of the dealer you have recommended!!!

The result is the car stopped abruptly while driving!!! It took 5 breakdowns & a year to fix the issue, of which couple of breakdowns have been charged by the dealer!!

Criticism Two

I didn’t do a proper due diligance while applying for a home loan!!! This inspite of you telling not to go with a particular bank!!!

Criticism Three

I ventured into Cinema Production against your wish and against your warning!!! Eventually the movie flopped and it was a bomb in the box office!!!

Criticism Four

I’m working on the Coffee Shop project again in spite of your concerns for availibility of time to manage it!!!

Though I’ve my own reasons and explanation for all the criticism, I don’t want to make it a normal affair by justifying my decisions!!!

Let me confess that;

  • I’ve taken wrong decisions, but I progressed in some direction instead of doing nothing!!!
  • failed, but I learned my lessons!!!
  • I risked, after all life without risk is a dream!!!
  • I over-stretched, if not how can I push myself to excellence!!!

Also I’d like to remind you a point… Never criticise an entrepreneur… It will only make his resolve and perceivarance more stronger!!!

Please do understand that “Ship is safe on the shores, but it is not built for that”!!

Likewise an entrepreneur is safe doing nothing, but their genes are not tuned for that!!!

But I’d like to thank you for kindling my resolve to succeed against the odds!!!

Let me close it with my favourite number from Akon!!!

As life goes on I’m starting to learn more and more about responsibility
And I realize everything I do is affecting the people around me
So I want to take this time out to apologize for things that I’ve done
And things that haven’t occurred yet
And the things they don’t want to take responsibility for

You can put the blame on me
Said you can put the blame on me
You can put the blame on me

Being AnandNataraj

I’ve blogged about this often and I think I’ll be blogging about this topic in future too…. For those who keep reading about this often; please excuse me because I use my blog as a tool for expression…

It all started when I uploaded a bunch of pictures while consuming toddy…. Immediately I started getting advice from my friends to delete it or to make it visible only to certain friends…. Though they advised me as a well wisher…. I didn’t want to follow what they said…

So what are the effects of posting such a picture?

  • My image as a entrepreneur gets a beating…
  • My marriage could get affected because of this…

But if I start thinking about what people will think of me…. I’ll start leading a false life & over a point I might loose my Identity…. For me I want to me as open as possible…. Though I paid heavy prices for this openness I don’t want to change because of some bad experiences….

Though there might be certain hiccups initially once I become big acceptance will get bigger…. Some great personalities are;

  • Vijay Mallaya
  • Richard Branson

These people have shown me path for leading a life as we like and never bother about society or succumb to pressure it gives….

So what is Being AnandNataraj?

  • Someone who doesn’t bother about society and lives life for himself is Being AnandNataraj….
  • Someone who give damn for Privacy is Being AnandNataraj
  • Someone who has the guts & fire on the a$$ is Being AnandNataraj….
  • Someone who thinks RISK & failure is a part of life is Being AnandNataraj….
  • Someone who is a Decision maker even it is right or wrong is Being AnandNataraj….
  • Someone who agrees his failures / mistakes / embarrassments is Being AnandNataraj….

Though it is hard for common people to accept me and my acts…. I’m happy Being AnandNataraj thought my actions leads to criticism, embarrassment etc.


Safety at Risk

Yesterday I drove to office with lot of challenge and one experience was irritating and risky. I was teased by a van who didn’t allow me overtake him.

Also he was carrying loads of PVC pipes, those pipes stretched beyond without a reflector. Also he drove crazy risking people traveling behind him.

Our crazy corrupt cops catch poor two wheeler riders to such van drivers who give a dawn to safety.