Free Cogzidel T-Shirt

We are planning to post the services of Cogzidel Consultancy Services Press Release with a list of Bloggers to get prominence. We are also experimenting lot of things with this initiative. So, we are looking for help from Bloggers who can post our Press Release in their Blog.

We are offering a free Cogzidel t-shirt for this gesture. So how can you avail this T-Shirt?

It is simple. You have to shoot an email to and get the PR content and must post it in your blog. Again email the link to with your address. You will get the t-shirt within a week.

Terms & Conditions

  • Bloggers from Chennai & Bangalore are alone eligible.

I endorse Chennai Super Kings

IPL09 fever starts and I’m totally prepared… I fulfilled the entire to-do list which I posted yesterday… Also I purchased CSK t-shirt from Reebok and here it is;


Also the betting team is ready and we have started betting on twitter… Bad things spread fast and we are too many requests for joining our betting club…


I’m leaving to Coimbatore tonight and I’ll be watching the match from there… Don’t know if I’ve a company with my bother, so I’ve to depend on Ndot’s Nanda for company…