What if I Failed?

When I blogged about completing 10 years as an entrepreneur. After going thru it I though what if I had given up in-between. Frankly I don’t have a perfect answer. On different stages I’d have taken a different call. But I’m thankful to god for making me stay. But I’ve a lot other wishes which were not full-filled because of being an entrepreneur.

  • Wanted to be a monk for 5-6 months.
  • Stay inside a forest or some place where there is not much people.
  • Wanted to start a theatre.
  • Learn some musical instrument.
  • Wanted to be a Single Parent (Inspired by Raveena Tandon & Sushmita Sen)

Probably I’d have pursued something listed above.

Pathetic Maintenance of Big Cinemas

Exactly a year I was thrilled to see the Launch of new twin screen by BIG cinemas. This cinemas is the first multiplex for Madurai and they have credits of launching best Hindi movies.

They have scrutinising process before entering the screen & cigarettes, hans, pan parag etc were not allowed.

• To my surprise we were not screened this time.
• Toilets were badly maintained & it stinks. Totally unusable.
• Even there is some bad smell inside the theatre.
• Seats were also not maintained properly.

It is sad to see such corporate run theatres falling short of maintenance. This is where Satyam Cinemas rocks over Inox / PVR / BIG.