Day of unpredictable happenings

After having long conversation with my Sales team & with other heads I crashed to bed by early in the morning… Then was woken up by my uncle who wanted to talk to me about my marriage… Then there was a round of advice, convincing, criticism, parenting etc etc… Though I feel bad for letting my parents down I had to do it in the best interest of lot many things… Might by time is the best weapon to prove them that “Itz all for good”…

There was a day long power cut due to Maintenance & I had to content myself with a Fan which runs on inverter… But was so tired that I slept… Then I heard getting calls on my mobile but I ignored everything to continue with my sleep…

Finally picked a friends call and I told him am planning to sleep for one more hour as the time is just 2.30… He yelled at me telling it is already 4 in the evening… He asked me to get ready and wanted to out somewhere…

I got out of bed, took bath, prayed, dressed & moved out without knowing what am I upto… Then we started driving to Express Avanue (EA) without any Idea… After reaching EA we thought of going to movie & being a weekend almost all movies were full… Then my friend called his friend in Inox and asked if there is any tickets for the movie Vanam which got released today…

We got the tickets for 6.50 PM show & we were in EA at that time… Since the place was neat we drove to Inox and we didn’t have much time other than to rush to the movie… Vanam is a remake of telegu Vedam & I’ve seen the telegu version last year… Am not reviewing this movie because I’ve already given my review a year back;

Overall it was not a productive day but it was an rejuvenating experience & my brain is much free now… I started mu office work now and it is going in full swing…


Vedam – A Class Telegu Movie

Watched a Telegu (VEDAM) movie in theatre after a long GAP… I think Atthadu was the last movie i watched. Movie revolves around the life of;

Allu Arjun – Who is a poor cable boy who wants to become rich by marring a rich girl.

Manoj Manchu – A rich boy who wants to become big in the world of music. But discouraged by his widowed mother who wants him to enter the foot steps of his Father & Grand father who lost their life in War.

Anushka Shetty – A sex worker who elopes to Hydrabad to become an independent sex worker.

Manoj Bajbai – A muslim who is always been suspected for terrorism.

Saranya – A poor mother who comes to Hydrabad to sell her kidney to repay her debt with the money lender who taker her intelligent son as a slave.

All characters meet in a hospital which is attacked by terrorist and the end result is Manoj Bajbai proves that he is a true citizen of the country, Allu & Manoj looses their life while fighting the terrorist, Anushka stops working as a a sex-worker, Saranya repays her debt and takes her son back.

All parallels have been tied well and overall it was a nice movie to watch.