Pathetic state of Indian Customer Support Executives

Went to a nearby Vodafone store at Madurai to Enquire about roaming tariff and plans for a month.

Pathetic thing is the Customer Support Executive was not aware of the plans and packages. With the help of the store manager he got be a leaflet which had the plans.

The manager was very pessimistic to enable the plan and he advised the executive to take a written declaration for enabling the plan.

I agreed and started writing the declaration and by the time there was to & foe discussion between the executives. An executive sitting on the next counter confused with a plan which was not existing.

Finally the guy assisting me got scared and asked me to do it in Chennai.

I was worried about the pathetic state of support and knowledge of support executives even with private institutions.

They lack information, intention to assist and they are indecisive. Thought I lost time, I was at least happy that he didn’t screw up.

The the same day I checked at Vodafone website and within a minute I enabled the plan. It was self explanatory and DIY method. Enabled my plan in 3 easy steps.

I see really a sad future for these (un)professionals as they are becoming redundant as machines and technologies are going to take their positions.

East or West Vodafone is Best

After trying Aircel & Airtel until 2004 I settled for Hutch (now Vodafine)… It all started with minor issues with Hutch & after then it has been a smooth ride… After sorting those issues I’ve only become comfortable and addict to this brand…

I keep hearing issues about Airtel & Aircel from my friends related to Billing, Signal Problem, Poor Customer service etc… I’ve never worried about anything else… If I was genuine in paying my bills promptly I’m given best of the service…

Now Mobile Number Portability getting introduced today a lot of my friends asked if I’ll try with some other operator… Though I’m happy that MNP is going to keep Mobile Operators on their toe’s… I’m not planning to shift because I’m sure Vodafone is only going to improve its standards compared to other operators… Infact I’m happy that I can bring all my employees under Vodafone CUG…

For now I’m following Vodafone…