Pathetic state of Indian Customer Support Executives

Went to a nearby Vodafone store at Madurai to Enquire about roaming tariff and plans for a month.

Pathetic thing is the Customer Support Executive was not aware of the plans and packages. With the help of the store manager he got be a leaflet which had the plans.

The manager was very pessimistic to enable the plan and he advised the executive to take a written declaration for enabling the plan.

I agreed and started writing the declaration and by the time there was to & foe discussion between the executives. An executive sitting on the next counter confused with a plan which was not existing.

Finally the guy assisting me got scared and asked me to do it in Chennai.

I was worried about the pathetic state of support and knowledge of support executives even with private institutions.

They lack information, intention to assist and they are indecisive. Thought I lost time, I was at least happy that he didn’t screw up.

The the same day I checked at Vodafone website and within a minute I enabled the plan. It was self explanatory and DIY method. Enabled my plan in 3 easy steps.

I see really a sad future for these (un)professionals as they are becoming redundant as machines and technologies are going to take their positions.


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