I’m a Wills LifeStyle BOY!!!

Yesterday there was a conversation with a friend & an acquintance about diwali shopping…. When my friend insisted to shop in mega mart which is a multi brand discount store… Their contension is that we can get good brands, for a better deal & save time by going to a store located near by…

But I was adament to goto Wills LifeStyle which was far from where we were & expensive… Until that point I knew I was a brand loyal guy; but didnt know I became an evangelist WLS….

I started evangelizing Wills LifeStyle and started explaining its style, enegma, customer servoce, customer engagement etc…

It was here my friends became desperate to change my brand loyalty by

  • offering to sponsor my diwali wardrobe…
  • offered to take care of my entire diwali expense…

Still I couldn’t get convinced for those offers and I feel proud to be a Wills LifeStyle BOY

Wills LifeStyle Market Research

Today I obliged Wills Lifestyle’s Invitation. On reaching Park Sheraton I came to know it is conducted by Quantum Market Research Pvt. Ltd. WLS has requested Quantum Market Research to do a survey. 

It we handpicked few say seven attended the Market Research program. Each of them was Big Shots in their own way. 

We had to attend 3 hours to answer lots of questions, comparison with other brands and ways to improve WLS. We didn’t get irated and we answered everything politely because we all gelled well and we became good pals. 

For me this has turned out to be a good networking event & I grabbed every opportunity to collect the business cards of other folks.

Also I was able to get the perspective of other folks on fashion and the trends that happen in India & abroad. 

After the research was over we were asked to have dinner, but we all refused as we wanted to reach home as it was too late. Then we were given a gift voucher from Landmark for 1000 bucks. 

Gift voucher only startled me because we thought we must have got voucher from WLS itself. Other wise it was an enjoyable evening.