I’m a Wills LifeStyle BOY!!!

Yesterday there was a conversation with a friend & an acquintance about diwali shopping…. When my friend insisted to shop in mega mart which is a multi brand discount store… Their contension is that we can get good brands, for a better deal & save time by going to a store located near by…

But I was adament to goto Wills LifeStyle which was far from where we were & expensive… Until that point I knew I was a brand loyal guy; but didnt know I became an evangelist WLS….

I started evangelizing Wills LifeStyle and started explaining its style, enegma, customer servoce, customer engagement etc…

It was here my friends became desperate to change my brand loyalty by

  • offering to sponsor my diwali wardrobe…
  • offered to take care of my entire diwali expense…

Still I couldn’t get convinced for those offers and I feel proud to be a Wills LifeStyle BOY

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