Quirk of Habit

Quirky Habit that annoys me the most:

I’ve this habit of not attending my phone calls. I always wanted to change this habit, but there were many situations I avoided a call, like;

  • I’d have already spoken a lot for the day and I wanted some break from taking anymore for the day…
  • Already my mind is fatigued because of work…
  • When it was a bad day where nothing happened at work…
  • When I was in a bad mood because of arguments with mother and wife…
  • While on work or meetings…
  • For unwanted marketing calls… That’s the reason I don’t pick calls from unknown numbers!!!

Quirky Habit I love the most:

I love the trait of being crazy… I call myself a Psycho Crazy Guy as I love the thrill of failing… The crazy things I did were;

  • Published a bi-monthly tamil magazine for two years… The venture carried the risk for life as it was into investigative journalism.
  • Co-produced a tamil feature film and the movie bombed..
  • I invested till the last dime and lived the remaking days of the month with no money and survived…
  • Started walking to office which is 16 KM from home. This I did sometime during 2012…
  • Invested on real estate and made money… Kept reinvesting until I lost badly…

These are the Quirk of Habit of me and I don’t have any regrets for the annoying trait.. But I long for more crazy acts to be done in my life time…

Anamalai to Chennai Drive

Got up early in the morning and started driving from Anamalai to Chennai… Once started my drive it was full of calls just reached A2B near Perendurai Bypass!! 

Until now it was call all the way;

  • Got a call from Rooban and it was a general catchup call!!!
  • Get got a call from Vadamalayan Hospital that our HR met with accident.
  • Coordinated my IamCJ co-founder Dinesh to attend her in hospital.
  • Upon reaching the hospital Dinesh called and said HR has fractured her leg…
  • Then spoke to our Ravi Sir about the ESI mediclaim process and that was facilitated by him..
  • Had a SOD call with Swami and things were planned for the day…
  • Then it was a call with Bala about the franchisee agreement..

The advantage of having Bluetooth speaker really helps in improving the productivity on the drive…

Now it is continue the drive and work on follow up calls…

Also please pray for the quick recovery of our HR…

PS: Let us not open the debate of talking on the drive!! I believe talking over a hands free device is not a crime, but open to interpratations!!! Following article talks about the perceptions and let me open up a blog post separately for this debate!!!


Today teachers are not allowed to say or write anything negative…

A few interesting letters from teachers to get around this…….

Dear Parent,

We are delighted to inform you that your child displays remarkable initiative. Not for him the simple-minded obedience to teachers. We refer to his admirable refusal to do homework. We have, however, humbly requested him to stoop to our level and condescend to do his homework. Your support is appreciated.

Yours anxiously,


Dear Parent,

Your child’s distaste for mundane subjects such as mathematics shows an imaginative mind. Why, he wonders, does the square of the hypotenuse have to be equal to the square of the other two sides in a right-angled triangle? It is no wonder that he has scored a splendid zero in his math exam. Unfortunately, even brilliant students have to pass exams. Could you gently break that news to him?

Yours entreatingly,


Dear Parent,

We are pleased your child has one of the same qualities that Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, possessed. Like him, your son believes that history is bunk. But it may be best to disabuse him of the notion that the Mughal emperors were Amar, Akbar and Anthony.

Yours beseechingly,


Dear Parent,

Your child submitted a blank paper for last week’s science test, influenced perhaps by Albert Camus who said ‘Whether the earth or the sun revolves around the other is a matter of profound indifference’. Your son shares that profound indifference, undoubtedly for philosophical reasons. But could you inform him that in order to study philosophy, he has to pass class eight first?

Yours plaintively,


Dear Parent,

Your son has obviously read Friedrich Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil, which is why he was copying from the boy next to him during yesterday’s test. Like Nietzsche, he believes that Supermen like him have little use for conventional notions of morality. The teacher who caught him copying is a conventional type who gave him a zero.

Yours desperately,


Dear Parent,

We are impressed by your child’s knowledge of martial arts. In the past month, he has broken two legs, four arms and three noses. He also shows prudence while fighting, taking care to pick on weaker boys. For some reason, however, the fathers of the boys who were beaten up are planning to go to your home with hockey sticks.

Yours wretchedly,


The Stat Connection

Today’s WordPress The Daily Post topic is: The Stat Connection, where I’ve to pick my top 5 blog post and explain why they have been successful!!

QUALITIES OF PEOPLE BORN DURING FEBRUARY: This is my top performing blog.. Being born during the month of February, thought of posting some of my traits.. Never expected this four year old blog could strike chord with everyone born during February…

Also it is a surprise to see a lot of Feb born people commenting their acceptance of the trait :)… Another reason for the success of the post is the Keyword of the title which is a common search term… Getting around 30+ Google clicks for the post everyday…

IS DEMOCRACY GOOD FOR INDIA?: This blog was written out of frustration after 26/11 Mumbai attacks… I was wondering how a city-country like Singapore which is ruled by a single person can be soo safe..

The blog is seven years old and again the title is a common search term and all the click comes from Google…

M.KARUNANIDHI FAMILY TREE: Six years back uploaded a picture of Karunanidhi’s family tree. For those who are not familiar with Karunanidhi. He is ex-chief minister of the state of Tamil Nadu in India. He has officially 3 wife’s, half a dozen children and a dozen grandchildren..

He is mostly ridiculed because, have more than 3 wife is not a common practice in our times in our society. Also most of his family members dominate the state in politics, movies and business. This is the most admired and hated family in the state…

So, there is no doubt why people search for his famil tree and again Google gives all the clicks…

WHICH IS A BETTER CAREER CHOICE? COW FARM OR PROGRAMMER: This blog was recently posted and it is the mostly shared feed in my FaceBook… I see most of the people could make immediate connect with this reality :)

IRIDIAM MOVIE EXPERIENCE – RETROSPECTION: This is all a new blog post where I shared my experience of co-producing a tamil feature film. I’ve shared both the good and bad experience along with the reasons for movie’s failure!! Anything related to movie gives good strike rate because we are a movie crazy society!!

Never been so busy!!!

This is a very interesting phase in life where I’m engaged with many parallel things and still enjoying every bit of it!!!

  • Cogzidel Technologies management and daily calls with Sam and other important stakeholders…
  • Working on the Coffee Project. Though Bala is doing the major task, working on plans, calls with Bala, follow ups with Ravi and working on the future roadmap!!!
  • Working with IamCJ.in with Dinesh, as usual collaborating with Dinesh on a daily basis, as we are on the pilot run. Working aggressively to move the project to Alpha stage!!!
  • Spending an hour everyday for the new crowdfunding project I’m working.
  • Apart from this the tiny contribution to Wife and Mother…
  • Working with SBI Bank for the home loan processing…
  • Write one blog a day…

Thought there are hiccups, it is interesting as I measure the results on a day basis and working as tasks helps me to measure the progress of every task… 

Never been so engaged. Also I’m enjoying this phase because it doesn’t puts me into stress, because I’m not struck on any engagement and have the option of working with some other task if I’m struck. For example last we(Bala & me)got struck with the Bank Wire Transfer issue and for 3-4 days it was taking us to dead ends… At such times we went out for a movie, blogged the frustration, worked on the coffee project and tried Wire Transfer Task again… Small progress on a daily basis kept us progressing and in a week the task got completed..

Wish this phase busy & interesting phase continues….

Reason behind my name!!!

Todays WordPress The Daily Post topic is Say Your Name!! Which asks three questions about my name…

Are you named after someone or something?

My name is Anand Nataraj and I’m named after Lord Nataraj(Lord of Dance) who performs a Anandha(Happy) Thandavam(Dance). So, I’m named Anand Nataraj.

Also I hail from the temple town of Chidambaram where the famous Natarajan temple is located!!

Are there any stories or associations attached to it?

This is no story behind my naming… I’m just names after the famous Temple & God where I hail from… To be frank my association with dance is just with the name.. I don’t know A.B.C of dance!!!

But I can share the concept behind Lord Nataraja;

  • A cobra uncoils from his lower right forearm, and the crescent moon and a skull are on his crest. He dances within an arch of flames. This dance is called the ”Dance of Bliss”, ”aananda taandavam”.
  • The upper right hand holds a small drum shaped like an hourglass…
  • The upper left hand contains ”Agni” or fire, which signifies destruction. The opposing concepts in the upper hands show the counterpoise of creation and destruction or the fire of life.
  • The second right hand shows the ”Abhaya” mudra (meaning ”fearlessness”), bestowing protection from both evil and ignorance to those who follow the righteousness of ”dharma”.
  • The second left hand points towards the raised foot which signifies upliftment and liberation. It also points to the left foot with the sign of the elephant which leads the way through the jungle of ignorance.
  • The dwarf on which Nataraja dances is the demon Apasmara, which symbolises Shiva’s victory over ignorance. It also represents the passage of spirit from the divine into material.
  • As the Lord of Dance, Nataraja, Shiva performs the tandava, the dance in which the universe is created, maintained, and dissolved. Shiva’s long, matted tresses, usually piled up in a knot, loosen during the dance and crash into the heavenly bodies, knocking them off course or destroying them utterly.
  • The surrounding flames represent the manifest Universe.
  • The snake swirling around his waist is Kundalini, the Shakti or divine force thought to reside within everything. This also parallels the cords of life worn by the Brahmins to represent the second rebirth.
  • The stoic face of Shiva represents his neutrality, thus being in balance.

If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

Definitely not!!! This is the name I’m identified with for this many years and it is something which is chosen by my parents and grand parents. I’d proudly live with this name forever!!

All went well SUNDAY

Yesterday was one rare day where every thing happened as per plan and without any deviation!!! 

The day started at Anaimalai, Pollachi and after spending some time with my better half, started my days mission;

  • Reached Palani by 9.30 AM and had a meeting with Palani Reporters for our Citizen Journalist(IamCJ.in) initiative!!
  • Then started driving to Dindigul and it was founders meeting over the drive about the progress and planning for IamCJ.in with Dinesh.
  • On reaching Dindigul went to attend my friend Close Buddy Stalin wife’s Valaikappu(Bangle Function).
  • Then accepted Dinesh request to have lunch at his home and thanks to his mother for the delicious lunch.
  • Then came back to Madurai and took a 15 min power nap.
  • Then again went for a retrospection meeting with Swami, Saravanan & Nadesh.
  • Closed the day with dinner at newly opened A2B Restaurent at Solavandhan..

Over all it was a fulfilling day as no plan got deviated and every thing happened for satisfaction.

Live to EAT!!!

I’ve been waiting to write on the topic “Live to Eat” for a long time!! Now I must than WordPress for pushing me to write on the topic for “The Daily Post”!!

I keep telling my family and friends that I eat to live and not the other way around!!! Unfortunately being overweigh, people refuse to accept my point!!

Even my mother and wife think that I’m a foodie!!! But let me explain why I don’t consider myself a foodie who Live to eat;

  • I don’t go to restaurants to eat a particular choice of food!!!
  • I keep eating curd rice or sambar idly everywhere & everytime. I don’t try anything new!!!
  • I don’t eat if I’m not hungry!!
  • My quantity of food intake is less!!!

Then why am I overweight??

  • I eat at odd hours!!!
  • I eat at odd times!!!
  • I eat a lot of fried foods!!!
  • I don’t eat a balanced diet!!!
  • I don’t exercise!!!
  • I drink a lot of cold water after a meal!! 

By knowing the reasons for the overweight I want to work on the diet to reduce my weight, as I don’t have valuable time for workout!!!

TIME is immaterial to me :)

A drunkard lying down the lanes!!! TIME doesn’t matter to him!!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

Best Answer Given by an Indian Citizen!!!

My income tax return form has been sent back to me because in response to question for “Number of dependents on you?”.

I replied :

  • 65% of population who doesn’t pay taxes.
  • 2.1 million illegal Immigrants.
  • 9,00,000 criminals in over 85 prisons.
  • Above all 769 Idiots in parliament.

They said this was not an acceptable answer!!
I am still wondering. Who the hell did I miss out?


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