Life of Anand

Fun with friends is his daily bread,
With jokes and tales, his heart is fed.
He’s always up for an adventure,
To explore the world with pure pleasure.

But his heart’s been broken once or twice,
In struggles with relationships, he paid the price.
But he picks himself up and moves on,
To find new love and write a new song.

Blogging is his passion and his muse,
With each new post, he lights a fuse.
He shares his thoughts and experiences,
To motivate and inspire, he never misses.

An entrepreneur at heart, he takes a chance,
To create a business, to take a stance.
He experiments and tries new things,
To build his empire, to spread his wings.

Long drives are his escape from the grind,
On the open road, his soul unwinds.
With the wind in his hair and the sun on his face,
He finds solace and peace in this open space.

Anand’s life is full of ups and downs,
But he never loses his smile or his crown.
With his friends by his side and his dreams in sight,
He’ll live his life with all his might.


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