We Launched our fourth T2C Outlet at IrungattukottaiĀ 

Launched Our First Franchise & Our Fourth outlet at Irungattukottai near Chennai!!

Would like to thank Mr.Sivaraman for showing trust on T2C business model by investing in our first Franchise!!!
Some glimpse of our Shop Launch;

Temple Town Coffee
Lighting the Lamps!
Temple Town Coffee
Performing Pooja!!
Temple Town Coffee Irungattukottai

Canopy for Temple Town Coffee

Canopy for Temple Town Coffee is ready. Now we are ready to put our Pop-up Kiosks at;

  • Parks
  • Malls
  • Housing Communities
  • Temples
  • Festivals

Soon you can see us and taste our coffee at most famous events in Chennai & Madurai!! 

Setting T2C Canopy
Setting T2C Canopy
Time to pose with T2C Canopy
T2C Canopy is all set!!
T2C Canopy!!
Posing like T2C MASCOT
Temple Town Coffee Canopy
T2C Canopy
Selfie with Temple Town Coffee Canopy

An evening to remember!!!

It was an ordinary day at the shop!!! I went to the shop by 4 PM to work on some new beverages we were planning to introduce!!!

Already rumours have started to spread about CM!!! It was panic and I could see the roads crowded and people driving crazy to reach home!!!

Around 5.30 PM there was a news from Thanthin TV that the CM is dead!!! Within minutes all the shops, showrooms & offices were closed!!!

That is when thought of keeping the Shop open until our normal closing hour!! I asked Jegan if we could do that and he spontaneously said we can!!! 

Then what?? We sent all the lady staff home and we kept the shop open!!! It was electrifying crowd and we couldn’t manage!!!

In 3 hours we had almost 100+ bills, 200+ foot falls and all the raw materials at shop got over!!! In fact we closed the shop  only when the milk got over!!!

In between there were some party workers who insisted to shut the shop and the situation was diffused by Jegan!!!

We had people thronging the shop as there were no shops… People were requesting for;

  • Milk for kids!!! 
  • They were asking for all the cookies as they had no stock of snacks!!!
  • Some had not choice to eat and they settled for coffee and snacks!!!

My main aim to go for the risk is to get the mileage and to earn the customer visibility & loyalty!!! Fortunately we were able to strike both as customers were thanking us for keeping the shop open against the vulnerability!!!

Finally I’d like to thank Jegan, Sabastian, Ravi & Chandru for supporting me on this risky endeavour!!!

Trial run for T2C IrungattukottaiĀ 

Today ran thru the trial run for Temple Town Coffee Irungattukottai & our first Franchise!!!

Ravi Sir making us some excellent coffee!!!

Tasting the first Coffee!!! I declare the shop is ready for the Launch ;)!!!

Here is our banner with the MASCOT!!!

Everything went well and we are all set for our launch on 9 December 2016!!

It is time to move my loyalty from Naturals Salon

It is time to change my decade long loyalty with Naturals Salon… As a person who has seen their service for a decade, I can feel the deterioration in their service standards…

I remember during the early days there would be a hair wash before a hair cut… That process is stopped long back and when I questioned they said it was management decision to stop it…

Likewise I could see they are cutting down on a lot of things…

Let me share today’s experience!!!

I went for a haircut, shave and oil massage…

Once I was made to sit and in less than 5 min there was power cut… There was one other guy who was having a haircut at that time…

Both the guys who were attending us started wandering as though they had the responsibility to fix the situation… Then the supervisory/incharge called some other guy who knew the process… The guy attending us went up for helping the other person… The left us with a partial hair cut to load the Genset with diesel… There was no courtesy to ask for an excuse from us…

Then after my haircut it was shaving and the person didn’t apply aftershave… This even a roadside salon guy will do it without fail..

Then went for an oil massage and already they have cut down on their time a lot… Now after doing the massage for 10 min he called me for a head wash… I told him until last time I would be put on a heater after my massage… I told him during early days they use to do a massage post heating and that process cut… Now they have stopped putting heater too…

I can understand that focus on customers falls when one concentrates on expansion and monitising the opportunity…

From next time on I’m planning to try some upcoming small or one shop beauty salons which put the emphasise on customers…

Rule by Divide

To rule India, the Britishers exaggerated the Divide on caste, religion and language amongst the Indians, to rule the country and they did it successfully for almost two centuries…

Now even after 68 years of independence we have only increased the divide for political and personal gains for certain individuals!!

Our political system is divided on the lines of;

  • Religion
  • Caste
  • Language
  • Race
  • Leftist Ideology
  • Rightist Ideology
  • Socialism
  • Secularism
  • Atheisms
  • Rich
  • Poor 

And many more without my knowledge… 

Though the beauty of democracy is freedom of speech and dissents… The sad part is every opportunity is killed citing this divide…

This country deserves more than what it is today… The reason for growth stagnation is the divide… Also allowing India to integrate like America is simply a Political Suicide…

So, keeping my fingers to see if a Strong & Integrated India can be implemented!!