Twitter & me


Last week i crossed 4000 tweets and got 700 followers in… It is indeed a milestone as I’m a late entrant to twitter and just started being an active participant for less than 6 months, thanks to Sanj… From then on twitter has become an integral part of my lifestyle and I’ve immensely benefited because of twitter… These are the list of things I gained because of twitter;




  • Gained many project from twitter
  • Got many leads and references from twitter
  • My brand penetration, Eg: I got an Direct Message yesterday
    shrirambrDo you work in Cogzidel? Read your CFOs article in last months businessgyan. Pretty good.
  • Networking and lots of friends. I cant imagine if I could have gained this many friends physically… Out of 700 followers I’m in close touch with atleast 50+ folks…
  • I need not update about what I’m doing to 100’s people… One tweet reaches 700 of my friends telling what i’m doing…
  • I did couch surfing with some of twitter friends
  • If I need any help I just posted it in Twitter and I got the solutions most of the time
  • I get to know what is happening at a fast interval… Many times before it comes in TV or news paper… Eg: 26/11 Mumbai shootout came in Twitter first than it reached NDTV or other media…

I hope I experiment twitter more and I can let you know itz benefits in coming days… Please keep reading my blog regularly…

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