What is in a Filter Coffee?

What is soo special about a Coffee/Filter Coffee??

I keep wondering often, because;

  • Coffee post in Instagram gets a lot of Likes..
  • Post in FB gets Likes and Comments..
  • In Twitter it increases my followers..

Just wondering what is soo attractive about Coffee to get this much traction…

So, with this instinct I’m planning to venture into Coffee Business… It might sound wired but true… Venturing on instincts!!! 

I’m sure this Social Media traction will also apply to in person traction and get business…

Recollecting 2009 resolutions

We are approaching the end of 2009 and this last day i want to recollect all the resolutions i had for 2009 and how successful am i in full filling those resolutions. Let me list the resolutions;

Resolution 1: Lead a simple life.

As per this resolution i wanted to lead a simple life where in i didn’t to board Auto-rickshaws, Flights, Taxi’s. So i travel through cheapest traveling option. To my satisfaction I can say I full filled this resolution as an individual. I think my CFO Mr.Bala Murugan is the best person to endorse this :).

Then not to purchase Gadgets, expensive dresses etc. Again you can endorse my success in this by seeing my Mobile phone which i was forced to buy because my old one was dead. Yes i got a mobile for Rs.1800/- only.

Resolution 2: To Blog Regularly.

Again you readers can endorse me by seeing my Blog Logs. I’m happy to full fill this resolution too.

Resolution 3: To have more Vagabond trips.

Starting this year i had lot of Vagabond trips to places like KanniyaKumaru, Munnar, Coimbatore, Kodaikanal, Thirunelveli & Theni. Then after May i wanted to take a break for 3 months because of summer. Sadly this year it was a long summer as heat waves lasted till October. So i can say i was 50% successful in full filling this resolution too.

Resolution 4: Workout and have a good physique.

Let me confess i failed miserably in this :(. I worked out promptly till May then after that i went back to dogs.

Resolution 5: Build my Networks.

  • With the help of Mr.Bala Murugan i got hold of lots of friends & acquaintance in business.
  • I went to Madurai without any friends and today i can say i’ve atleast 100+ friends at madurai and thanks to Sathish & Maverick Fitness Center.
  • Then with the help of my friend Roshan & Inshape Fitness Studio i got linked with lots of Celebrities.
  • Lots of friends through Twitter, Linkedin, Peerpower & Facebook.

So i can give a pass mark for this resolution too.

Resolution 6: To get a groove into CCS as it is a new zone for me.

  • After bootstrapping in a shared office, we have moved in to our own office.
  • With clients in all the services (other than franchise) we offer.
  • Breaking-even for last 3 months.
  • Increasing the team count for CCS.

I must say I’m happy with this resolution too.

To conclude this is the first year where in i’ve a pass mark to my resolutions and also this is the first year where in i’ve a list of resolutions too. Now it is time to sit and rework on another set of resolutions and wish i blog the experience of coming years resolution same day same time.

Until then wish to be successful in accommpolishing next year resolutions too.

Wish you all a happy 2010.

Retiring from Twitter

Yes all good things must come to an end. That applies to my tweeting too. It all started a year and half back where in I started tweeting actively. Twitter was a means to pass my time and it really helped me to share my thoughts, feeling and emotions. Also I got lots of friends because of Twitter. 

Last year same time when I was feeling lonely in Madurai which was a new place for me, my only companion was twitter. 

In spite of gaining so much from twitter. Why I wanted to quit? 

There are multiple reasons which forced me to take this call; 

  • Twitter has become too huge and chaos.
  • It has become a platform for Spamming.
  • Not longer I feel lonely.
  • My business schedule has become tight and time for twitting has come down.
  • I’ve developed too many hobbies and that has resulted in diluting my interest to tweet.
  • Though I’m an open person I was forced to come down on my tweet because of competitors.
  • Twitter becomes an addict which has taken a toll on my work and sleep.
  • Couple of people started complaining that I’m flooding their timeline with my tweets.
  • Thought my thinking and way to express things improved. My grammar has become poor for trying to fit things into 140 words.
  • Finally most of my friends too have reduced their tweeting and as a result no one is keeping me engaged. 

So, what I mean is I’m not totally quitting Twitter. I’m not going to be an active & consistent participant. I might occasionally tweet and share my feeds as tweets. 

I take this opportunity to thank everyone who have encouraged me, motivated me all through.

New Sales Initiative for CCS

Last couple of weeks has been aggressive in creating a Strategy for improving the Sales for CCS. So what are we doing for last couple of days? 

  • Revamping Cogzidel.In Layout & a Slight change in Design
  • Rewriting content for Cogzidel.In
  • Moving from our own framework to Joomla
  • Aggressively addling links in Directories
  • Aggressively posting press release about CCS.
  • Aggressively increasing networks in Linkedin, Twitter, PeerPower & Facebook 

All the above things are online initiatives. These are some offline initiatives; 

  • Distributing Broachers to companies is Complex’s.
  • Visiting companies directly after getting lead / link from friends.
  • Planning to buy corporate gifts and planning to meet new prospective clients, client who have given good business & client who have not turned after enquiry.
  • Planning to take telephone yellow pages and call all the companies and ask them if they have any need. 

We do all these with the help of two folks Senthil Kumar & Suresh who are in our incubation labs. They spare a quality time for CCS Sales other than working on their new startup. 

Now it is my responsibility to think more innovatively and document things that click so that it can be passed to my successor.

What happened to my hobbies?

Last year I developed hobbies like; 

  • Photography
  • Blogging
  • Tweeting
  • Travelling
  • Physical workout. 

That is because I was back from a big depression and I had lot of time and I wanted to divert my mind from all bad experiences. It was these hobbies which helped me to overcome strongly. 

For last 3 months my concentration on all these hobbies are slowly coming down. I don’t know if I must take it positively as; 

  • I’m getting busy because of business commitments.
  • I’m back from memories of all bad experience. 

Or should I blame myself for cutting down on my hobbies which have helped me in bad times. 

Though there is every genuine reason like; 

  • System problem to download pictures shot from camera has diminished my interest in photography. In fact I stopped taking camera now-a-days.
  • Blogging has taken a beating because I’m taking care of Sales for CCS where I travel to client places. So, I’m not sitting online like before.
  • Same applies to twitter.
  • I stopped travelling because of the long summer this year and still I didn’t get back to loop.
  • Again this is because of my laziness because of travelling. 

But personally speaking I want to balance things and want to accommodate all the special things which were my companion during my lonely times. So from now I plan to be more professional and get back to loop.

Twitter & me


Last week i crossed 4000 tweets and got 700 followers in twitter.com… It is indeed a milestone as I’m a late entrant to twitter and just started being an active participant for less than 6 months, thanks to Sanj… From then on twitter has become an integral part of my lifestyle and I’ve immensely benefited because of twitter… These are the list of things I gained because of twitter;




  • Gained many project from twitter
  • Got many leads and references from twitter
  • My brand penetration, Eg: I got an Direct Message yesterday
    shrirambrDo you work in Cogzidel? Read your CFOs article in last months businessgyan. Pretty good.
  • Networking and lots of friends. I cant imagine if I could have gained this many friends physically… Out of 700 followers I’m in close touch with atleast 50+ folks…
  • I need not update about what I’m doing to 100’s people… One tweet reaches 700 of my friends telling what i’m doing…
  • I did couch surfing with some of twitter friends
  • If I need any help I just posted it in Twitter and I got the solutions most of the time
  • I get to know what is happening at a fast interval… Many times before it comes in TV or news paper… Eg: 26/11 Mumbai shootout came in Twitter first than it reached NDTV or other media…

I hope I experiment twitter more and I can let you know itz benefits in coming days… Please keep reading my blog regularly…