Summer Synopsis!!

Summer has come to an end and a lot of things have happened in this one month…


  • Month started with days out with my MBA folks…
  • Followed by MBA convocation which I received from Mr.Sashi Taroor.
  • I fulfilled my mothers wish by taking her to a pilgrimage tour to templates in south Tamil Nadu. Some famous temples we visited were
    • Palani
    • Azhagar Temple
    • Pilliar Patti
    • Thiru Kostiyur
    • ChakarathAlwar
    • Srivilliputtur
    • KanniyaKumari Amman
    • Suchindrum
  • Then one of our products Beatz started to get momentum and I was happy to see results of our hard work.
  • Then came the hard part our successful product Beatz had to be pulled out temporarily because of a competitor.


Now what am I supposed to do this month.


  • I’m suffering from sleeping disorder (insomnia) this month. There were 2 – 3 days where I didn’t sleep. I’ve never been thru such a problem before. I use to boast to my friends that I was gifted with the habit of sleeping at will. When I read in papers that people use to have sleeping peels I wonder whey they do that. Now I’m one such victim and I must go for a check up and get this cured.
  • Then because of summer I’ve kept my weekend vagabond trips on hold. I’ll probably start it back by 3rd week of this month.
  • I must get the vacation order trashed for Beatz and bring back Beatz for customers.

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