Why Caste Divide?

Caste system was evolution as per time and conditions!!!

  • I heard Mudaliars were converts from Jainism.
  • Kallars were soldiers of Pandya Kings. After the fall of the Pandya dynasty, their soldiers got forcefully migrated into the forest(Somewhere, around today’s Theni district). With no education and civilisation. Eventually, they had to rob for survival. Which ultimately became their caste.
  • Similarly, Pandya Kings Lineage was, forced migrated to another side. Finally, they became Pallars. Today they are classified as SC.

Kallars & Pallars should be a less than 600-year-old caste assuming the fall of the Pandya Dynasty around 1400.

Once we got colonised, Britishers amplified the caste divide, by destroying the history and used it for the benefit of religious conversion.

Caste system was once created to benefit the ecosystem. Caste System was built around skills, and that formed a lineage and carried over generations. But, it has become irrelevant now as;

  • Today we have moved away.
  • Today we are living in an era which criticises nepotism.
  • Today a goldsmith son is a Software Engineer and a priest son is a banker.

I don’t see a point in an identity which we no longer practice. For example, Chettiars were an influential community in Tamil Nadu, and they were money lenders or merchants. I’m sure many of the Chettiars have built a career in Software, Movie, Politics, Medicine etc. which is out of their community business(குல தொழில்).

I don’t see a point in having an identity which we are no longer a part of it.

It is time we move forward and break the divides around caste and religion. Let’s fight against appeasement politics, let’s kill nepotism, let’s get the common civil code.

Let’s practice what we preach.

Economy of Tamil Nadu

Retail, Services, Manufacturing, Banking, Automobile, Transportation, Medicine, Construction

Cities that contribute for the economy of Tamil Nadu & India. It is this diverse business specialization that keeps TN better performing state in spite of political paralysis!!

Chennai: Automobile Manufacturing, IT and Commerce.

Tirupur: Clothing.

Erode & Karur: Bedding.

Kovilpatti & Sivakasi: Stationary and Firecrackers.

Kumbakonam: Artefacts and historical cultural works.

Namakkal: Poultry Sectors and Vehicle bodyworks.

Arcot & Vellore: Precasting Industries.

Sriperumbudur: Large scale manufacturing zones.

Tuticorin: Seafood exports zone.

Hosur: Vehicle & Mixed Manufacturing.

Trichy: Industrial and Energy supporting units.

Madurai: Mixed markets.

Salem: Spare Parts.

Coimbatore: Motors Manufacturing

Tanjavur, Theni & Kanyakumari: Cash crops farming.

Viruthunagar, Neyveli & Panruti: Traditional food and snacks in MSe’s scale.

Irritating Staff at Toll Points

Getting irritated by the behaviour of toll point staffs…

Today started my drive down to Chennai from Pollachi… My toll started from Coimbatore L&T toll and the toll charge was ₹31 and I gave him ₹50…

The staff sitting on the booth asked for ₹1 or ₹2 or ₹5… When I said I didn’t have change, he made so much fuss & facial gestures before tendering the change…

In the next toll the toll cost is ₹80 & I gave ₹500… The toll staff here showed his frustration by asking what will he do if I give 500 bucks in the morning..

I told the second toll guy that even I’m frustrated paying Toll in spite of paying Road Tax, Income Tax, Service Tax, Sales Tax and many more taxes…

I asked if I’ve option to evade that toll? He said no choice… I told him two things and moved;

  1. He has no choice but to serve me..
  2. He is a public servant and he has to service politely…

Then in my 7th toll point the cost of toll was ₹47 and when I gave him ₹50 he tendered only ₹2… When I asked him for ₹1 he said he is not having change for ₹1…

I told him that is not my problem and I said I’m not moving without my ₹1… Then he went to next counter and got my change back… Again he gave me a staring look…

This is my 7 toll for the day and there were issues with 3 tolls and I’ve 4 more toll points cross… 

There are many other irritating things in tolls like;

  • They give very old/damaged notes as change.. When we ask for a replacement they show gestures…
  • When we accept old/damaged notes and offer the same in next tolls, mostly they deny accepting it…

I don’t have issues accepting such notes provided every toll accepts them…

Also the congestion caused at the toll points is another frustration where we are made to wait for a tax we pay..

These days I’ve accepted such situations and I’ve built an expertise to deal with this toll folks… When I see a person showing attitude I revert back by showing mine…

One experience with a toll staff who denied taking a damaged ₹10 note which I got from a previous toll.. The toll fee was ₹53 and I gave him ₹1000 and I kept returning the change he offered me and frustrated him for 30 min… 

Though I had to become a nuisance for other travellers I wanted to do it to teach them a lesson…

I made the manager attend me and apologise on behalf of the staff… Then I wrote a formal complaint and moved..

I’m not sure if they moved my complaint… It’s been more than 6 months and I got no response from NHAI or the firm which got the contract to operate the Toll…

I’m planning to write a letter to about my experience to Nitin Gadkari under who’s ministry Highway Department comes… Let’s see how the ministry responds..

Is CHENNAI a Telegu Name??? That’s what Historians say

What does Chennai mean? The question troubled Paris-based historian J B P More quite a lot. After painstaking research, he found the answer.

In his recently released book, titled ‘Origin and Foundation of Madras’, More says, “Chinapatnam and Chennapatnam were the other names for Madras used by Tamil and Telugu settlers in the area. Chennapatnam was ‘Tamilised’ as Chennai but the word didn’t mean anything in Tamil. It’s undoubtedly a Telugu word.”

Madraspatnam was derived from Medu Rasa Patnam, said More, who was in Chennai on Saturday to release his book. “When Nayak Venkatappa (a local chieftain) issued a grant (a portion of the area where subsequently Fort St George came up) in favour of the English in 1639, only Madraspatnam was mentioned in it. But during the 1640s, two new names for Madraspatnam or for the area inhabited by Tamils and Telugus around Fort St George seems to have come into existence. They were Chinapatnam and Chennapatnam,” he said.

Chinapatnam would have been the first name that would have come into existence in the Tamil-Telugu quarters to signify the Black Town of Madraspatnam. “‘Chenna’ in Telugu means fair and is not to be confused with the Tamil ‘Chinna’, which means small. In Tamil, ‘Chenna’ is meaningless,” said More.

He said in the Tamil Lexicon, the Tamil word ‘Cennai’ has been mentioned which would signify ‘a drum announcing religious procession of an idol’. More said there was no reference in documents and literature of the period to ‘Chennai’ as a drum.

“In the document of Beri Timanna, we find ‘Chenna’ written as ‘Chennai’. Thus Chenna Kesava Perumal became Chennai Kesava Perumal and Chennapatnam became Chennai Pattanam.

This seems to be purely the work of a translator of the 19th century who had preferred to Tamilise the Telugu word ‘Chenna’ into ‘Chennai’ so it sounded more Tamil,” said More. “The word ‘Chennai’ seems to have been born to designate Madras town. Its origin is Telugu. There is nothing Tamil in it,” he added.

Source: Times Of India

Butterfly Theory Politics in Andra

Yesterday two of my school mates joined me for dinner. We were discussing several things starting from schooling days to the days of struggle to create an identity in our career to current days. Some how things changed to Tamil Nadu politics and moved to Andra Pradesh politics. One of my friend hails from Andra and he said following points;

  • Y.S.Rajashekara Reddy death is a murder and that is plotted by Congress because of his growing influence in Andra and his autocratic approach with the high command.
  • Then the telengana issue was started by Y.S.R’s son Jegan to gain control over the power held by his father.
  • Then a following religious clashes subsided telengana issue.

Considering the above said points it all coincides and looks like politics shown in cinema. What ever it is politicians are making bhakra of people.

Happy Birthday Thalaiva!!

I’ve grown like most of the folks in Tamil Nadu by admiring our idol Super Star Rajini Kanth. We call him Thalaiva (Leader) and all his movies have been super hits. 

Rajini is known for his; 

  • Mass fan following in TN & many parts of the globe.
  • He brought the cult of delivering Punch Dialogue.
  • He is known for his quick reflex in movements.
  • He brought the Style cult into Tamil cinema.
  • He is known for showing unbelievable / unrealistic stunts or actions into Tamil cinema & yet it is been accepted by audience.
  • He brought in Hero based comedy into Tamil cinema (which is one of the reasons for his success). 

These are some of his movies which I admire; 

  • 6’il Irundhu 60’vadhu Varai
  • Mullum Malarum
  • 16’ru Vayadhinilae
  • Murattu Kalai
  • Thillu Mullu
  • Dhalapathi
  • Basha
  • Muthu 

There are more movies I like but these are some of my favorites of him. 

To talk about this gentleman we have to tell him Simple, Soft, Polite in spite of being such a big Success Story. He is a Rag to Rich story and all aspiring youths can take cues from the journey of this man. 

Acquisitions we have against our icon are; 

  • Not entering politics.
  • Always degrading him while praising someone.
  • Going to Himalayas ignoring his Fans.
  • Not being stable in his decisions. 

Even we are all upset on the above list of things. We still love him and admire him to the core. 

Today our icon is celebrating his 60th birthday. Thought he gets old by age he is still young by heart.

On this occasion I wish our Thalaivar Rajini Kanth a Happy Birthday on behalf of all his Fans. 

Long Live Rajini. So, that he can give us more movies.

Summer Synopsis!!

Summer has come to an end and a lot of things have happened in this one month…


  • Month started with days out with my MBA folks…
  • Followed by MBA convocation which I received from Mr.Sashi Taroor.
  • I fulfilled my mothers wish by taking her to a pilgrimage tour to templates in south Tamil Nadu. Some famous temples we visited were
    • Palani
    • Azhagar Temple
    • Pilliar Patti
    • Thiru Kostiyur
    • ChakarathAlwar
    • Srivilliputtur
    • KanniyaKumari Amman
    • Suchindrum
  • Then one of our products Beatz started to get momentum and I was happy to see results of our hard work.
  • Then came the hard part our successful product Beatz had to be pulled out temporarily because of a competitor.


Now what am I supposed to do this month.


  • I’m suffering from sleeping disorder (insomnia) this month. There were 2 – 3 days where I didn’t sleep. I’ve never been thru such a problem before. I use to boast to my friends that I was gifted with the habit of sleeping at will. When I read in papers that people use to have sleeping peels I wonder whey they do that. Now I’m one such victim and I must go for a check up and get this cured.
  • Then because of summer I’ve kept my weekend vagabond trips on hold. I’ll probably start it back by 3rd week of this month.
  • I must get the vacation order trashed for Beatz and bring back Beatz for customers.