Got a new address

Starting up is always fun!!! You are always left with limited resources and you keep coming up with ways to counter limitations!!!

One such situation is setting up a corporate office for Temple Town Coffee!!! Though we are fortunate enough to have the support group companies (Cogzidel Technologies Pvt & Cogzidel Consultancy Services) to bootstrap us with required resources and infrastructure, we didn’t want to bother them too much with our request.

Also we didn’t want to disturb the professional culture of those entities with would unruly startup work culture!!

Also we spend most of the time on driving in search of locations and meeting people. So, we found it unnecessary on investing for a office and was working out ways!!!

That is when my co-founder Balki, came with the recommendation of setting up a SOCO(Small Office Car Office). 

Our SOCO includes;

  • Swift Dzire car!!
  • Reliance 4G WIPOD!!
  • 2 Laptops!!
  • One official mobile!!
  • Power Bank!!
  • Portable Power Inverter Adapter!!

A look at our powerful gadgets;

That’s my Laptop!!!
Small Office Car Office Phone
SOCO Phone
Balki’s Laptop

So, mostly we use Truck Bay Lane’s as our office.

This is our new Madurai office address;

Truck Bay Lane
NH7, Nilakottai.

Small Office Car Office
Balki working at T2C’s Small Office Car Office at NH7, Nilakottai.

Since we are not a Technology company, Balki and me decided not to invest on Gadgets. So, we got contentented with gadgets which are not being used by our friends.

I got this broken Laptop of my wife, which is damaged but with small tweaks, uninstalling unnecessary applications and downgraded version of Linux, I’m able to get a good performing system.
This is our customer support phone which was given to Balki by his aunt. 

Also this is Balki’s old Laptop which he uses to work and do some weight lifting exercise ;)!!

I’m fortunate enough to get back to startup life and by comfort zone of breaking and fixing this!!

For now heading to my kitchen to explore the recipe of Karupatti Kaapi!!!


The teen aged Entrepreneurs from Madurai

Last week got a call from my sales folks that a 13 year old CEO from Madurai wanted to meet me… Get impressed by this kids approach and immediately gave them an appointment the next day…

Since his father was busy that day, he was not in a position to make it to office… I didn’t want to disappoint the kid and went to a nice-cream shop near to his house…

He came along with his 15 year old co-founder and they gave a brief intro about them and their ataWAB.COM venture… Frankly got startled to see the way they projected, the vision and clarity they have…

I asked them to come with the expectations on me, swami & cogzidel… The next day kids came with their 14 year old co-founder and the list…

The list goes like this;

– Hosting Support
– Gadgets to review
– Infrastructure
– Mentoring

Without a moment to think we agreed to help these kids and be a part of their success…

Would be glad if you can go thru and pass your feedback…

Last to First: S.Anand Nataraj, Syed, Abshiek & Swami…

Roshan & Anand

This is how we brainstormed at IBACO…

TheStartupBuzz – Hyderabad Edition

“TheStartupBuzz – Hyderabad Edition” which is mainly to showcase products developed by innovative companies. Event is going to be organized in Hyderabad which is the next preferred destination for Information Technology businesses. This would be a great opportunity to showcase products or services to more than 3000 people who will be participating in this event. Apart from these, you can find many resellers, business partners from 50 companies who are going to participate as exhibitors in this event.

Below are few benefits, your organization gets by participating as an Exhibitor in this event.


  • Stall of size : 3 x 2 mtrs
  • Good opportunity to showcase your product to more than 3000 visitors
  • Coverage of company profile or logo, in all the materials which are distributed to visitors
  • Coverage in all PR and promotional activities related to this event
  • Publicity through our website
  • Meet and explore opportunities with VC(Venture Capitalists)
  • Special invitation for CEO of your company to be part of CEO Network (Community for CEO)

BRANDING: By participating as an Exhibitor, you can avail following branding facilities. 

  • Special Coverage of your company profile and logo on all the materials distributed to over 3000 people
  • Coverage in all the email campaign
  • Coverage in most of the Leading Newspaper publications
  • Coverage in FM radio’s, local TV channels.
  • We also tied up with online bloggers and community websites to bring special coverage for all our exhibitors.

All the above benefits costs Rs.10,000. Also this cost is applicable only to the early registrations (till 30-June-2009).Registrations confirmed after 01-July-2009 will be charged Rs.15,000.

For more details contact;

Mr. Ohmprakash.S

TEL 080-41305308

Community Website for Startups

We are planning to launch a community driven website for Startups. I can see several forums and forums for startups but I don’t think so if they are really catering for Startup’s real needs. So, I think these are some good features which will be helpful for startups;

Jobs Portal: This feature will allow startups to share their resumes database and also we will allow candidates to post their resumes for free. Startups in time of need can access these resumes.

Marketplace: Startups can post their abundant resource for barter or for sale. Also startup which is in need of any resource can make use of abundant resource.

Forum: This is one common element which is a part of any community portal.

Directory: Startups can list their company and service in this column.

Blogs: We would request prominent personalities of different sector to write blog in their specialization which will be helpful for startups.

Webinars: Frequent webinars which helps startups in training and knowledge sharing.

Resource Index: This section will contain information like;

  • Startup Due-diligence
  • Docs like Offer letter, Relieving letter, Termination letter, Employee Contracts etc.
  • Business plan writing tips

Contests: Monthly contests with special gifts.

Events Calendar: Update on startup events calendar for events like Proto, Headstart, Startup Saturdays, OCC meets etc.

Kindly pass if you have any other ideas or features I missed. Also we are looking for volunteers to maintain the site. Please soot and email to if you are interested to be a part.

First & Second Startup experience – a comparison

I had the opportunity to be a startup twice in my life. My first one started as early as a student and the second was with eight years of entrepreneurial experience. I just wanted to compare how it makes a difference and how I felt on both occasions. So here is a small comparison chart;


First Startup Experience

Second Startup Experience



Lack of experience, focus & investment.

More experience, focus & reasonable investment.



Trust levels are low among stake holders.

Trust levels are high among stake holders.



Company & Personal costs are low.

Company & Personal costs are High.



Fluctuations in motivation are High.

At times motivations levels fluctuates. But experience shows how to overcome it.



Fear of failure is less because there is not point to prove.

Fear of failure is high because people expectation is high because of past success.



Problem solving was poor.

Experience has improved problem solving skills.


Over all it is interesting to be a startup second time also I might think my piece of cake is being like a Serial Entrepreneur so that I always have the excitement of being a Startup. Anyway let me enjoy my second stint of being a startup and run the show until I loose my motivation.