Beatz is back!!

Cogzidel’s successful product Beatz is back after fighting legal battle from itz competitor who claimed we stole their code. We collected lots of evidence to prove our hard intellectual work where in we have spent a lot of time & money for this product.

Here is an update of what has happened 

  • On 20th of May our competitor got a Stay Order from Madras High Court claiming we have stolen there code and launched it as Beatz.
  • A temporary injunction was given till 10th June.
  •  We received a notice from competitor’s attorney on 23rd May and we brought down Beatz the same day.
  • Then we collected all evidence proving our credentials for next one week.
  • We were unable to act as Madras High Court was on summer vacation till 8th June.
  • Then sent a counter to our competitor’s attorney’s for all their allegations.
  • We were expecting them to bring the case on 10th June the day injunction expires. But they didn’t open the case and automatically the injunction got broken.
  • We took a week to fix all the bugs reported by clients and today we Re-launched Beatz.

Still I’m waiting for the judgment copy to reach me after which I’ll post all the evidence we collected as a separate blog.

I must thank all our esteemed clients for their valuable support, our staff who worked day and night to collect all the evidence to prove our credentials, my attorney’s particularly my attorney friend Mr.Samson and my family who stood with me.

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