Cogzidel Technologies Chennai Office

Stated with high energy from the temple city of Madurai. Cogzidel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has accomplished a milestone in its journey to glory. Here are some of the synopsis for CT;

  • Started by a team of 7 energetic individuals.
    • Major Karthik
    • Sathick Basha
    • Senthil Guru
    • Bala Krishnan
    • Boopathi
    • Bala Murugan
    • Anand Nataraj
  • Developed 2 Open-source products RBS & Beatz with more than 50,000 downloads till date.
  • Developed Low cost specialty template selling website CogzidelTemplates.Com with more than 1,00,000/- downloads of free and low cost templates.
  • Benefitted by low overheads in a Tier II city and passed the benefit to the customers.
  • Inducted Mr.Kannan as director and into the core team.
  • Served more than 400 customers in a short span of 18 months.
  • Today we are into expansion spree and we have inaugurated our Chennai office with 30 seats.

I’d like to thank all the clients, all present and past employees, vendors and all stake holders who have contributed to this success. I wish to get same support from all the Cogzians to reach more milestone in future and reach great heights.

Here are some snaps taken during the office warming ceremony and inauguration by our CTO Mr.Kannan;

Beatz is back!!

Cogzidel’s successful product Beatz is back after fighting legal battle from itz competitor who claimed we stole their code. We collected lots of evidence to prove our hard intellectual work where in we have spent a lot of time & money for this product.

Here is an update of what has happened 

  • On 20th of May our competitor got a Stay Order from Madras High Court claiming we have stolen there code and launched it as Beatz.
  • A temporary injunction was given till 10th June.
  •  We received a notice from competitor’s attorney on 23rd May and we brought down Beatz the same day.
  • Then we collected all evidence proving our credentials for next one week.
  • We were unable to act as Madras High Court was on summer vacation till 8th June.
  • Then sent a counter to our competitor’s attorney’s for all their allegations.
  • We were expecting them to bring the case on 10th June the day injunction expires. But they didn’t open the case and automatically the injunction got broken.
  • We took a week to fix all the bugs reported by clients and today we Re-launched Beatz.

Still I’m waiting for the judgment copy to reach me after which I’ll post all the evidence we collected as a separate blog.

I must thank all our esteemed clients for their valuable support, our staff who worked day and night to collect all the evidence to prove our credentials, my attorney’s particularly my attorney friend Mr.Samson and my family who stood with me.

Shocking news about Beatz

Last weekend was full of drama. We were shocked to get a legal notice from our competitor where they have got an injunction (stay order) from Madras High Court to stop offering Beatz for download. So, what is the reason they have claimed for this?


  • They say we have stolen their code and we are offering the product for free. This was fully false & baseless allegation. We spent almost 3 months to develop this wonderful product.
  • Also they claim offering freebies is against competition laws. But we have used Joomla as the framework for the development of this product and we feel by using an open source it is only ethical to offer the product for free.


Also what disappoints me is;


  • All of a sudden we get an injunction order and we were not given a chance or prior notice to prove our point of view.
  • Also they have timed this at a time where courts are on a vacation and we have to wait till courts reopen.


I take this opportunity to inform my customers, employees and friends that this product is genuinely developed by Cogzidel’s team and we will prove our credentials as soon as the courts reopen.


For people who have downloaded the script before 23 May 2009 can use the script because we received the injunction only on 23rd May. There is absolutely no issues with this because we have enough evidence to prove that we have developed this product.


At this point I must thank my team members (Senthil, Sathick, Bala Krishnan, Boopathi and Major Karthik) who are my support and strength. They gave me the motivation and energy I needed.


Also I once again take this opportunity to thank customers and employees for their support.


If you want to help us you can do that by offering valid legal points, writing blogs, by tweeting on twitter, making forum posts against these kinds of unhealthy business practice and you can use any other legitimate ways which can help us get support of the community.

Beatz – Launched today…

Cogzidel Technologies adds one more feather to itz hat… We take pride in launching Beatz – never stops our second product…

Beatz is a free open source online social networking software developed by Cogzidel Technologies. It’s developed in LAMP technology and licensed Creative Commons GPL licenses (a free license under Free Software Foundation).  Beatz could be used as a music sharing portal, a community for Rock band , Artist / listener , musicians, dancers, singers, songwriters, composers, comedians, country music singers, hip hop dancers, models, actors & actresses.

Beatz has the majority of the features of a famous music community portal named “Pure Volume”.

I’d like to thank Mr. Senthil Guru at this moment who is the man behind this product and he has given everything to make this happen…

Also I must thank Syed, Major n team, Bala Subramaniyam & Bala Krishnan for their contribution were also vital…

Here are some launch snaps; 

Senthil launching Beatz
Senthil launching Beatz
Senthil, Bala & Azeem
Senthil, Bala & Azeem
Beatz launched...
Beatz launched...







Great work Beatz & team…