Super Saturday!!!

Last Saturday has been one of the best day as I was travelled to many places and do lot of work in a day. The day started half-way when I was watching a movie and after the movie I returned to office in Madurai. It was 2 AM when I returned to office and thought I can stay in office as I can’t wake up early. I made some blog post that night and then I went home by 4.30 I cleaned my house took shower and left to Mattuthavani Bus Stop and boarded a bus to Trichy.

Cricket in my mobile came handy as I played cricket which helped me to pass time. Then by half way met once of my father’s colleague’s daughter who was also travelling to Trichy with her husband and the remaining time I engaged in a conversation with the couples I reached Trichy. Since I was engaged in playing cricket and conversing with the couple and also the climate was good since I started early I didn’t find any difficulty in travelling.

Then I reached Trichy Bus Stand by 10 o clock and boarded a local bus to Thillai Nagar to my uncle’s house and reached his house by 10.25 AM. Then I had my breakfast and soon we started for my uncle’s marriage. En route we purchased some shirt and pants for the Groom.

Then we left to Groom’s house which is my grandmother’s ancestral home. My uncle showed the house architecture and how they (uncle’s, aunty & mom spent their summer holiday in that home. My grand mother was the last of 8 siblings and you can imagine hoe many first cousins mu mom would have had. They said there would be around 40 kids. It was always to know the cherishing moments of people and my uncle took me almost 30 – 40 years back.

Then I went to Kaveri River which I frequent whenever I goto my granny’s village. Then I took some nap and we started to marriage hall in a place called SwamiMalai which was 65 KM from that village. Since I didn’t sleep my uncle took the responsibility to drive. Six KM from my granny’s village is the old heritage Grand Anaicut Kallanai built by King Karikala Cholan. I’ve visited my granny’s village several times but I’ve never been to this spot which is a big tourist attraction and on seeing the DAM I was really startled to see the architecture and quality of the DAM. This DAM takes has its history way back to Before Christ period.

Then we reached the marriage hall in another 45 min and them I spent some time there and came to hotel and did some browsing. Then I spent some quality time with my cousin which was like a get-2-gether. Then many my uncle introduced me to several elders telling that I could be a nice groom to their daughter or grand daughter. I’ve never been thru such situations and I was not that comfortable in handling such situations.

Then I have to come to Chennai the next day to Buzz 140 unconference and I left to Kumbakonnam which is the next big town near to the marriage hall. Then I boarded a bus to Chennai and started to sleep to end a very hectic and happy day.


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