My Palkad Visit!!!

I started my vagabond trips from Saturday and I decided to start it from Coimbatore. I boarded a local bus from Madurai by 6 PM on Saturday and reached Coimbatore by 11PM. I slept that night in my uncle’s house and woke up by 10 o clock. Then there as a discussion on which place to go and my aunty suggested Lingam temple in Isha Foundation at Velliangiri Hills. Instead I wanted to vit palakad for a long time and my aunty said we can goto MeenKulathi Amman temple. We freezed the spot and we started by 12 noon.

Kerala is just 20 KM from Coimbatore and immediately touching Kerala’s border we felt the difference. The place is pitch green and we non-stop South-West monsoon welcomed us. Then I drove enjoying the greenery, rain on the nicely laid highway roads.

On reaching Palakad my uncle called his colleague to know the rout to temple and while calling him we can to know temple opens only by 5.30 PM. Having no choice we had to accept the invitation of my uncle’s colleague to visit his house which is a village some 25 KM from Palakad and 7 KM from temple.

En route to his house from Palakad I got startled by seeing the nature’s gift this Gods Own Country has which was Full of greenery, water ways, ponds and beautiful houses.

Then reached my uncles colleagues house which has a pond right behind his house and a scenic view of multiple falls which flows from the hills of Nelliyampthi. It seems Nelliyampthi is a nice Hill Station which is still not famous and I’m planning for a visit there soon. Then spoke to Mr. Colleague’s father who was talking about their Tamil roots and how they migrated to Kerala.

Then it was 5.30 and we decided to goto temple and Mr. Colleague accompanied. He took us to a Big Vishnu temple in his village named Karchamkurrissi temple. It was a big Kerala style Vishnu temple in his village named Karchamkurrissi temple. It was a big Kerala style templeand I was not allowed because enter I had to wear a dhoti.

Then we went to MeenKulathi Amman temple which too had same rituals of wearing a Dothi and I brought a dothi and had a good darshan in a wonderful temple.Then I returned  back to coimbatore with a thirst to vsit the place again and with cherishing memories. I took somesnaps which I’ll update soon.

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