Off late I’m challenged with lots of hurdles and I think it would be interesting to overcome them… 

  • Yesterday I wanted to blog about Palakkad experience from my uncle’s house and MS-Word really gave me tough time to make my previous post. I think system was affected by some work and when I type a work it will open a new document, file save option, save document, changing the alignment etc. at last with lot of difficulty I made the blog post.
  • Then setting up firewall in office has become a challenge right from the beginning and still we are working on it. Hope we will finish it by the end of next week.
  • Then wanted to make a blog post with the snaps I took from Sri Iyappan Tiffin center and there is some mess-up in the server and unable to upload photos. Now itz time to look into the issue.
  • Wanted to update WordPress to latest version 2.8.2, it asked me to take a backup of DB and files but my host was doing some maintenance and was unable to do that instantly.
  • Yesterday night suffered from insect bits and was unable to sleep well. So in the morning had to wash all the bed spreads and pillow mattress. When I wanted to start the washing work the washing place was full of mud and I had to clean that before starting the washing work. Thought I finished that work it irritates when we have some unexpected things before the work we want to do.
  • Then I asked for mobile charger from office admin and after an hour there was no response and again I had to call back to get it and that to from my BDE. Such small things affect the flow of our work thought they look simple and small.

For now let me sit and fix up things which can be finished by today.

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