Sri Iyappan Tiffin Center Snaps

Finally took snaps of Sri Iyappan Tiffin Corner, Madurai. It is a small shop 10 * 10 shop which can server 8 people at a time and it is managed by one Chef who is also the owner of the shop. He is a multi skilled personality and he has some 4 stove and cooks 4+ items at a time and also he can take order and can mentally remember the items consumed by each customer and can make calculations. There are around 40 types of dosas and egg dishes and the center has been covered in Madurai edition of The Hindu. If you are in Madurai or visiting Madurai I recommend you to visit this eggiterian hotel which is open only at nights. If you need assistance for land mark kindly contact me.

For your convenience we have designed a route map (RSVP) to Sri Aiyappan Tiffin Corner.


Address: No: 35 , Pandia Vellalar Street,Madurai- 625001.

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